Be observant…

As a lady who is looking forward to marriage, ensure the gentleman you are dating is someone whose judgement you trust and whose leadership ability, you are confident in. Don’t overlook this! There will be (many) situations when he would have to take the lead in the decision making for your family and you’d have to be able to give him room to do so. Watch him; how does he manage his own life? How does he relate with those around him?

Be observant! You can tell the traits of a good leader by observation. If you’re not sure of his ability to lead you and your family on the right path, particularly as the Holy Spirit leads, wisdom demands that you don’t get married yet. Many wives are unsure of the decisions their husbands make so they begin to disregard their husbands authority and do as they please. This not to undermine your role as a wife; we as wives are equally important and a wise and confident husband will lead with meekness (as Christ) and also respect the opinions and input of his wife. But he cannot delegate his God given responsibility to his wife.

There is nothing worse than when a leader lacks the trust and respect of their followers. There’ll be chaos and confusion. Of course as a wife, you’ll have to keep praying for him to take steps as led by God but if you question his decisions now; if you don’t respect him now; if he is irresponsible now; if he cannot discipline himself and package himself with confidence now, if he lacks the traits of a good leader (honesty, confidence, vision, respect/consideration for others, effective communicator, etc), think twice! – Kemi Oyedepo#ontheroadtoido #marriage #light #wisdom

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