Liability or Asset?

As you wait to get married, deliberately prepare yourself to be an asset in the life of your spouse. An asset is a useful or valuable thing or person. Be determined to be just that! Don’t just keep hoping and praying for an amazing spouse. Plan on being one too. Plan on being useful in the life of your future spouse. It’s human nature to think about what others can do for us so its no surprise that for most people, even marriage is about what they can get out of it.

Change your approach; what can you add to another individual and relationship? Don’t just hope and pray for someone, consider how you can be useful to their own life and destiny as well. A spouse who is an asset is invaluable; like a rare treasure. Their presence cannot be ignored. Even their spouse takes great pride in them and wants to show them off. Don’t allow yourself to be a liability. One definition is a person or thing whose presence is embarrassing or puts others at a disadvantage.

Nobody likes a liability! A liability is like a burden or a weight. Such a person often lacks wisdom and the ability to manage themselves appropriately. Discipline yourself to be responsible, prudent, goal oriented, self controlled, etc. Add value to yourself so you can add value to your relationship and marriage when the time comes.

There’s no better time to start than now! And as you do, enjoy the process; after all it’s for the good of your future home! This is a critical but often overlooked factor when preparing for marriage. As you desire to get married, ensure you’re able to answer this question sincerely – am I a liability or an asset? You know! Kemi Oyedepo #ontheroadtoido#marriage #light #wisdom #crisisproofyourfamily

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