Speak prophetically to/about your children…

What you say to and about your child(ren) is prophetic! It leaves a mark (good or bad); it sticks to them like glue! Children live up to the belief that their parents have in them. What are you saying to/about them? If you may have been belittled by your own parents or adults around you while growing up; if they were careless with the words they used to mould you, be determined not to carry on with that trend. Break the cycle! Once you know better, do better! Don’t join others in misspeaking about their children.

Sometime ago, I met someone who had the most terrible things to say about their child. The child was a teenager who wasn’t even doing anything wrong but this parent was already speaking into the future of their child so carelessly that I had to caution them; I couldn’t stand it. If those words come to pass, they’ll start wailing, and even begin to blame God for allowing it to happen. When in actual fact, they are the ones who called it to pass by their words. Regardless of their age, be deliberate about what you say!

Don’t just speak casually; speak positively and prophetically into the life of your child(ren) at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter if what you see in actual fact is the opposite, keep speaking! In time, your child(ren) will align! If you’ve been on that path of speaking without thinking of the consequences your words can provoke, it’s time to get on the right track! Don’t be deceived. Those seemingly unimportant words you speak can cause the greatest damage. Be wise! – Kemi Oyedepo@theoyedepojnrs#thegoddependentparent #marriage #light #wisdom#ontheroadtoido #crisisproofyourfamily

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