The Victory is yours!

2 Corinthians 2:14; Romans 8:37

The devil will always fight a couple destined for greatness. You may be in a relationship now and you may be going through some challenging or trying times. Don’t just throw in the towel so easily especially if you are convinced that person is meant to be your spouse. This goes beyond settling differences between the two of you. All may be well with you both and you may see eye to eye on critical issues that will impact the home you intend to build.

However, there may be certain things that may be trying to stop your union from happening. It may be health related, financially related, even people related; it may be anything! If you’re 100% confident and you feel led by the Holy Spirit concerning that man or woman, you must be willing to stand together until you have the victory. That’s why it is not optional to be spiritually awake and alive. Don’t allow your emotions and feelings to overrule the voice of the Holy Spirit, if you want to be sure. This will keep you from wasting time fighting for something that isn’t meant to be. As long as God is in it, and you keep your faith alive, He would see you both through.

You may be married now and may be going through some trying times, the same applies. Instead of fighting against each other, accusing each other of being the adversary, stand together and fight against your common enemy, the devil. The devil will never be for marriage, especially where the couple stands strong in unity because he knows the power that lies within it.

He would never be for a marriage where forgiveness, tolerance, patience, etc flows freely. Don’t allow him to have the final say and don’t look at your home as irreparable. Everything may seem so damaged and broken now but God has everything it takes to put it back together again!

A house united!

There will be moments when you have differences of opinions on certain topics but never allow those moments to have a negative impact on your relationship or family. Be willing to talk things through respectfully and find common ground. Be willing to compromise as required. Don’t be moved by your feelings or the need to prove your point; that’s unwise. Too often, the man wants to prove that he’s the “boss” while the woman also wants to prove that she also can think and before you know it, the conversation degenerates.

You’re not in competition; you’re on the same team working towards the same goals… at least you should be! That was God’s intention from the beginning. You’re both important in the marriage; no one is better than the other. Any competing or divisive spirit is ungodly. Remember that a house that’s divided just cannot stand. You may be trying so hard to build it but if the builders don’t have the same vision or if they are not going in the same direction, their labour will be wasted. We should be able to sit down and rub minds with each other concerning anything and everything!

If you feel that’s not possible yet, seek godly counsel. However, don’t make it a habit. Strive to handle any disagreements that arise without the constant need to get other people involved. That’s where maturity comes in! It’s time to get back on track; where you may be the cause of any offence, apologise and start over. Your most important concern should be that whatever decision is taken, moves the relationship and family forward.

Above all, be prayerful concerning everything about your relationship/family. And never forget that how we handle each other and the decisions we take, can only provoke progress when we remain a house, united!

Look for the ‘good’!

Always look for the good in your spouse. No matter how ‘bad’ you think he or she may be, there is still some good in them. You also have some flaws that they have to accommodate. Marriage requires being able to bend as required. Don’t take out your frustrations or irritations on them. Do your best to handle their shortcomings and be determined to bring out the good, better and best in them. That’s how the best of marriages keep going strong.

What are those areas about your spouse that turn you off? Be prayerful concerning those areas of concern that you feel you may not be able to handle and God will give you wisdom on how to manage any otherwise unmanageable issues. Whatever you do, learn to be accommodating. No human being is perfect and a marriage according to God’s design requires us being able to look past each other’s imperfections even as we work towards continuous improvement in ourselves and in each other.

When we do this, the best in us, in our spouses and in our family life comes out which ultimately leads to a healthy and mutually satisfying marriage!

…Nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!

“Look!” he (The Lord) said. “The people are united… nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! – Genesis 11:6. That scripture was concerning the people who wanted to build the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens. It’s interesting that God acknowledged the power that lies in their unity. Because they were of one mind and spoke the same language, He said nothing will be restrained from them that they imagined to do. Imagine if this kind of partnership were in a marriage relationship. 

Where the husband and wife speak the same language concerning the issues that have an impact on their home; the great things they will achieve together will be unimaginable! It’s so important that you remain united so your relationship and family can enjoy the best of God. The bible tells us that when we’re united, the blessings of the Lord must be constant (Psalm 113:1-3). And the blessings of the Lord don’t come with sorrows. However if we remain divided and if we allow strife, it means that disorder and every kind of evil is allowed to come in (James 3:16). Work out differences and strive to maintain unity. Pray everyday for oneness between you and your spouse, especially on critical matters that can make or break your home.

Don’t be hardened while your home is in trouble. As the blessings of the Lord are waiting to for you, the evil works of the devil are also waiting for you. The division or unity in your home determines which one you get. Dont be a trouble maker; promote peace! Don’t wait for your spouse to take the lead in promoting peace, either. As long as YOU know better, do better. And as you do, God will honour you. Sit down, talk things through, and compromise as required.

Don’t shy away from getting the right counsel, if you need it. Just be prayerful and sensitive concerning who you speak to and don’t allow the wrong seeds of counsel to be planted in your heart! Whatever you do, do what it takes to be a house united! May every goal, every vision, every dream you set out to do individually and as a couple be cheaply accomplished in Jesus’ name. Amen! – Kemi Oyedepo @theoyedepojnrs #unity #marriage #light#wisdom #crisisproofyourfamily #ontheroadtoido