Look for the ‘good’!

Always look for the good in your spouse. No matter how ‘bad’ you think he or she may be, there is still some good in them. You also have some flaws that they have to accommodate. Marriage requires being able to bend as required. Don’t take out your frustrations or irritations on them. Do your best to handle their shortcomings and be determined to bring out the good, better and best in them. That’s how the best of marriages keep going strong.

What are those areas about your spouse that turn you off? Be prayerful concerning those areas of concern that you feel you may not be able to handle and God will give you wisdom on how to manage any otherwise unmanageable issues. Whatever you do, learn to be accommodating. No human being is perfect and a marriage according to God’s design requires us being able to look past each other’s imperfections even as we work towards continuous improvement in ourselves and in each other.

When we do this, the best in us, in our spouses and in our family life comes out which ultimately leads to a healthy and mutually satisfying marriage!

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