A house united!

There will be moments when you have differences of opinions on certain topics but never allow those moments to have a negative impact on your relationship or family. Be willing to talk things through respectfully and find common ground. Be willing to compromise as required. Don’t be moved by your feelings or the need to prove your point; that’s unwise. Too often, the man wants to prove that he’s the “boss” while the woman also wants to prove that she also can think and before you know it, the conversation degenerates.

You’re not in competition; you’re on the same team working towards the same goals… at least you should be! That was God’s intention from the beginning. You’re both important in the marriage; no one is better than the other. Any competing or divisive spirit is ungodly. Remember that a house that’s divided just cannot stand. You may be trying so hard to build it but if the builders don’t have the same vision or if they are not going in the same direction, their labour will be wasted. We should be able to sit down and rub minds with each other concerning anything and everything!

If you feel that’s not possible yet, seek godly counsel. However, don’t make it a habit. Strive to handle any disagreements that arise without the constant need to get other people involved. That’s where maturity comes in! It’s time to get back on track; where you may be the cause of any offence, apologise and start over. Your most important concern should be that whatever decision is taken, moves the relationship and family forward.

Above all, be prayerful concerning everything about your relationship/family. And never forget that how we handle each other and the decisions we take, can only provoke progress when we remain a house, united!

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