Look to God alone…

Your spouse cannot complete you. They may try their best but they will fall short because they don’t have the ability to do what only God can do. They may actually really be wonderful individuals but they will at some point, disappoint you. When you know you are complete in Christ, you won’t look to your spouse as a source of your joy, your happiness or your completion.

They may add to your joy but they can’t be the source of it. If you see them as the source of your joy, every time they may offend you or do something you don’t like (those times will come), you will lose your joy. And no one should ever have the power to do that. Many are frustrated because they expect their spouse to complete theming even fulfil them.

When your focus is really on God, He gives you all you need to effectively handle every situation with wisdom. Remember that marriage begins with you (the individual). Refocus your direction to Jesus Christ; that’s where your true joy. Build and maintain a solid relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

As much as you and your spouse are one, salvation is a personal journey. 100% joy and completion is only available in Him, and when you are really rooted in Christ, no one and NO situation can take your joy or completion away from you! – Kemi Oyedepo #marriage #light #wisdom#crisisproofyourfamily

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