The one God gives…

Houses and wealth are inherited from parents BUT a prudent wife is from the Lord – Proverbs 19:14

As a single gentleman, your parents and those who love you can give you the finer things in life but NOBODY has what it takes to give you a prudent wife. Such a rare gift can come only from the Lord! The kind of wife you desire should be the one that only God can give. While you search to find, keepasking God to direct your steps to a woman who exhibits the traits of a prudent wife. Among other things, a prudent person is sensible, discreet, wise, considerate, understanding, resourceful, etc. That’s the kind of wife every man who wants a wife, needs.

Don’t find your wife alone, don’t search based on worldly standards. Your choice of a wife can either be your making or breaking so involve God every step of the way. It’s okay to be physically attracted to your potential wife but be more concerned about her traits and character. People can tell you how perfect a lady is for you based on what they see or what they know but it’s only God who knows the deep things of an individual. So even when it comes to finding a wife, ensure you are divinely guided! As you do so, make sure you are also working on yourself; prudence should also be evident in you (or a work in progress)! Even the woman you consider to be Mrs Right is hoping to be found by whom she also considers to be Mr Right so it shouldn’t be one sided.

As a single lady who desires to be found, develop traits in yourself that exhibit prudence, strive to be an excellent wife and commit the process of waiting into the hand of the Lord while also praying for a husband that only God can give. Only good and perfect gifts come from God so you can be at peace that as long as its in God’s hands, all will be well. Enjoy your season and let the joy of the Lord radiate from the inside out. At the right time, when both your paths cross, and you have the assurance and backing of the Holy Spirit, your relationship and ultimately marriage will be the type that only God can give! – Kemi Oyedepo #marriage #light #wisdom#crisisproofyourfamily #ontheroadtoido #prudence

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