What picture are you presenting?

If you want to know the real state of a marriage/family, one of the best people to ask are the children. They see clearly everything going on in a home. The adults can pretend and even try to hide some things but the children see and know it all. They observe when mum and dad are not affectionate, they see when mum and dad don’t respect each other. They see when mum and dad raise their voices and insult each other. And when they see those things, they know that such attitudes are wrong.

As a husband and wife or father and mother, you have a duty to deliberately provide a loving and safe environment for your child(ren); a home where they can feel secure. How you interact with each other and handle issues determine the stability (spiritually, emotionally, etc) of your child. I often say that the marriage is a garden where the children grow and how we tend to any garden determines the outcome of the plants, flowers, etc. So it’s important we tend to our marital garden well so our children can flourish; and so the best in them can come out. When you ask a child to draw a picture of their family, they often include some details that give you a clear picture of what happens in the home. A child once drew a picture of his home: he drew the house, his 3 siblings and his parents. He then shaded the inside of the house really dark and he drew some circles under the house.

When asked to describe his drawing, he said he drew it that way because nobody got along at home and he felt his house was always in a storm. Of course his parents (who acted like all was well outside) were extremely embarrassed. Be conscious of the image you present to them; keep reminding yourself that you have an artist in your midst.

So let the picture of your marriage and the family in their head be one that gives them joy. If your child was to draw a detailed picture of your home now, how do you think it’ll look? Whatever the answer may be, promote God’s love always and be conscious about it. And it’s not just for your child(ren) but for you. You also need to enjoy your marriage; after all, marriage is the foundation for the family! #parenting #marriage #light #wisdom#crisisproofyourfamily

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