Be wise…

If you really want to experience peace in your marriage, you must be sensitive about the company you keep. As a husband or wife, there’s no good reason why you should maintain an extremely close friendship with an individual of the opposite gender, especially if your spouse is uncomfortable with it. Even if your spouse seems okay with it, it is wise to put boundaries in place with that friendship once you get married.

You may have been best friends with that person long before marriage, it doesn’t really matter. The dynamics of that relationship still has to change drastically if you really want to enjoy your home. You can no longer have unending conversations or go and come with that male or female friend as you please. It is your responsibility to let them know that things can no longer be as they were and if they can’t accept it, that friendship may have to end. You decide what step to take!

Whatever you do, don’t maintain that friendship by force if it’s breaking your marriage apart; that’s foolish! If care is not taken, that individual will be up to date about your personal life than your spouse and that will be problematic. While that friendship was great during your single season, it can pose a threat to your marriage. Your allegiance is now to your spouse so have respect for him/her. Don’t begin any unnecessary friendship with someone of the opposite gender either. Your intentions may be pure but that individual may have their own agenda to divide your home. Once you decided to get married, your closest relationship is automatically with your spouse so focus on building and maintaining your marriage. You have a duty to make him/her feel secure in the marriage and not have doubts for marrying you.

If you’re a single lady or gentleman and you feel there are friendships you have to hold on to by all means when you get married, it’s best you remain single for a little while longer. It may not seem like a big deal but this topic has been one of the causes of strife in too many homes and unfortunately some homes have been destroyed beyond repair because of it. PLEASE Be wise!

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