Enhance your worth…

One of the greatest ways to add value to yourself is through continuous self/personal development. Be on a quest for more information regarding various subject matters of interest to you. Some topics may not even really be your passion but no knowledge is wasted! Decide areas you need to improve on and go after the resources available to help enhance you.

This is not just about spiritual development but other areas that are critical to your success as an individual. Financial management, time management, stress management, goal setting and achievement, effective communication, etc. Such topics impact us as individuals. And because the value of any relationship is determined by the value of the individuals in it, such topics are also crucial for family life. Pick up books, attend seminars, acquire new skills and enhance your capacity.

Gather knowledge in various areas that will sharpen your thinking and make you a well rounded individual. Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself and be willing to give it what it takes. Discipline yourself to become a productive individual; that’s how to become an asset. If you’re a single lady or gentleman now, don’t wait until you get married; today is a good day to start your journey towards self development!

Remember that even in marriage, nobody likes a liability! If you’re married, the same applies; carry your spouse along on the journey if possible. I’ve personally gathered much knowledge on topics I wasn’t interested in before, from learning about animals😀 to investments, thanks to my hubby! Whatever you do, don’t let days, months, years meet you at the same spot.

There is no end to continuous self development so we must keep investing into upgrading ourselves as much as possible. The value we receive from such investments won’t only have a positive effect on us but it will show in our various endeavours from our careers to our family life! – Kemi Oyedepo

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  1. Every piece is a blessing.l just discovered dis page, Never knew about it.Thank you ma.

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