Rooted & Grounded in love…

Expressions of love dont come naturally to us. Putting others first, advanced and continuous forgiveness, among other things, are what we’d rather not do especially when we feel hurt or offended. Especially when we feel the recipient doesn’t deserve it. However, Love is something we have to work on until it becomes part of us. In other words, we have to become ROOTED and GROUNDED in love – Ephesians 3:17. To be rooted means to be firmly established; to be immovable or unshakeable.

Think of an Oak tree or a similar strong tree that remains planted even when the storms try to sweep it away. It’s firmly rooted in the ground so nothing can change its position. That is where we have to be as Christians especially in our relationships and families. When you’re grounded in love, your feelings or emotions don’t have the final say over your words and actions. There will be instances when you don’t feel like loving as you ought to, or praying for your (potential) spouse as you ought to, or even speaking to your spouse as you ought to but your rooting in love will push you to do exactly what you don’t feel like doing.

If you’re rooted in love, it will always produce good fruits in you… no matter what. However being rooted in love requires allowing Christ to dwell in our hearts by faith as the Scripture states. We have to give the Holy Spirit room to work in us so we can love as we ought to. It’s impossible to be rooted in love without our deliberate and continuous effort to grow in the Word of God. That’s the only way the love of God will flow out of us without restraint. In fact, when we are truly rooted and grounded in love, it doesn’t just make love part of our nature, it actually makes love our nature; it becomes who we are.

When praying for your spouse or yourself, never forget to ask the Holy Spirit to help you both remain rooted and grounded in God’s love. That is what helps a couple overlook errors and imperfections. It is critical for any relationship to flourish. Moreover, when we’re firmly established in God’s love, His presence, His blessings, His peace will be the evidence.

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