Scriptural Meditations For Children (Ages 0-5 Years)

The Scriptural Meditations for Children (Ages 0-5) is ready!!

This is to date, the greatest CPYF resource I’ve been inspired to release!

It’s a 30-Day journey to help challenge you and your children to grow in the Scriptures so you can use it over and over again until the Scriptures penetrate deep into your child’s heart!

I hope you’re excited about it too and I’m praying for you as you use it, the effects will find great expression in them in Jesus name, amen!

If you find it helpful, please remember to share it!

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Kemi Oyedepo

Please click the link below to download it!

Scriptural Meditations (0-5 Years)

4 thoughts on “Scriptural Meditations For Children (Ages 0-5 Years)”

  1. This is really really nice…The graphics and the scriptures are just very simple but still very important for proper child growth and self-confidence in particular.
    My child is some months old,she may not understand yet,but I intend to start reading these scriptures to her.
    It would be great if you put this work to prints also…
    God bless maam

  2. Beautiful! Glory be to GOD!!
    From a Child thou hast known The HOLY Scriptures…
    Raising Godly Children is serious business.

    Thank you ma.
    More of GOD’S grace and wisdom.

  3. God bless you Kemi Oyedepo. You are one of my mentors. I’m not yet a biological mother but I have lots of kids in my life. This material is amazing and it will bless us. I love you so much ma’am. God bless and increase you.

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