Valley Of Decisions

Valley of Decisions, the first fiction  short story from CPYF is full of lessons that resonates with many individuals.

Follow the stories of Laila Ocheng, Ben Manda, Matthew Smith and Kiki Taylor, as they make decisions that will affect their lives forever! This is not just a novel but also a treasure that will help guide you while you’re in your valley of decisions and get you on your God-ordained path towards your marital destiny.

Click below to download this teaching novel and be blessed!

Valley of Decisions

4 thoughts on “Valley Of Decisions”

  1. God bless you for being an instrument in the Potter’s hand to deliver this great book. I loved your simplicity in writing and in fact you stay me glued all through to the screen, as it intriguing to know what next to Laila…

    Please keep it up. God bless you ma.

  2. Great book ma, Couldn’t stop reading! It greatly blessed me and impacted my life. I life how you can draw lessons from every character, every conversation and all parts of the book. The book was sent in by our youth leader here in the UK. and we’ll be reviewing next year!

    More grace ma!
    Please do a sequel :D!

  3. I was tremendously enlightened and blessed by this article and the lessons I learnt from it will surely help me take desicions that are in accordance with the will of God for my life. Thank you so much ma for allowing God use you and for imparting lives all over the world.God bless you!!!

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