Accept corrections and do something with it!

The truth is that in every relationship, we have to be open to taking corrections as often as necessary. You may think you’re the nicest, most mature person around but don’t forget that your spouse or potential spouse is the one on the receiving end. You may not be as gentle as you think you are. I often say that marriage is the ultimate test of our true character and the fruit of the Spirit at work in us. You may consider yourself to be patient, and slow to anger but how you manage yourself when your emotions are tested is what reveals who you really are.

Accept that you are imperfect (aren’t we all?) and be a good sport about taking corrections when your errors are pointed out. Accept that your ideas are not the only good ones available. Accept that you actually don’t have all the answers and compromise when needed. Please, don’t be a fault finder either. Sometimes, a person may claim to be correcting but they are actually just trying to find faults unnecessarily; that’s unwise.

If you need to correct, do so in love (and with a lot of wisdom), not with malicious intent. And if you’re corrected, accept it in good faith and work on yourself; that’s a sign of humility. Don’t get defensive and don’t throw tantrums. If it has been pointed out, just work on it so it doesn’t cause tension in your relationship/marriage. It’s not about being perfect but it is very much about growth. However, growth is impossible if we’re unwilling to accept correction and do something with it!

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