Question: Please I just need a little light. During a church gathering, I heard in my spirit to vow my 3 months salary if God blesses me with a job. My husband was not available so I couldn’t discuss it with him and I forgot to mention it. In Jan 2018, God blessed me with the job, but when I mentioned the vow to my husband, he said I shouldn’t go ahead with it; that I ought to have told him first. What is your advice? Should I leave my vow and just stick with what my husband said?would God be ok?

Answer: God bless you real good. My advice to you is that you hold on since your husband has said you shouldn’t do it. God knows your heart and He knows you made that vow with sincerity of heart. However, He also knows you’re a woman under authority. If you decide to go ahead and do it, it would cause unnecessary strife and division in your home, which should be avoided at all cost.

If you feel strongly about it, go to God in prayer to touch your husband’s heart, and you could speak to your husband again if that’s possible BUT don’t just go ahead without his agreement on it. If the funds are to be put towards certain expenses in the home, remember that both of you need to agree on these matters so don’t just do as you please. If you do, you’ll begin to spend unnecessary amount of energy on an avoidable issue. And please don’t worry, God will be just fine! Read up on Numbers 30:10-13. I believe those verses also have the answers you need. I hope this has been helpful.

Please note that this is my position on this and I stand by it. If you feel as if you need any additional counsel on this matter, please seek a godly counselor who will stir you in the right direction. May whatever step you take produce peace and blessings!

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