Do it the right way!

If you want to get your spouse to see something from your perspective, always remember that there is a right way to do so. Sometimes we don’t see the results we’d like because our approach is wrong. If you use the wrong approach, of course you will get the wrong results. Differences of opinion don’t have to lead to fighting, quarreling, or arguing. Don’t accept such things as normal because it would give room for strife, etc if care is not taken (James 3:16). When wisdom is at work anywhere, even those different opinions can be handled with peace, leading to progress. The wisdom from above is peaceable and reasonable (James 3:17). Raising your voice, insulting your spouse, etc just because they are yet to understand your point of view is not only immature but foolish.

If you communicate effectively, the information you’re trying to pass across will be rightly understood and accurately interpreted.
Your spouse may be argumentative but remember it takes two people to argue; instead of joining in, be prayerful and use wisdom (it is better than strength). If you are just an argumentative person, learn to calm down and allow the Holy Spirit to help you be a man/woman of peace. Nobody likes an argumentative spouse; even those who have accepted it as normal, would prefer if it were not part of their relationship.

Discuss, reason together, resolve issues respectfully but don’t fight or argue (leave that for the court of law). Single ladies and gentlemen, please accept this truth also; it’ll help you! Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling (Proverbs 20:3). So, work on it until it’s no more part of your relationship/family. That is wisdom!

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