How good is that relationship for you?

Single lady or gentleman, please ensure that potential spouse has a positive influence on you. What value is that relationship adding to your life? Are you becoming a better individual because of it (spiritually and otherwise) or is it already bringing out the worst in you? Think well. Anyone you want to join yourself to should bring out the best in you, not dampen your spirit.

People who knew you before the relationship started should be able to see a difference in you. If you are tired, feel used and abused, etc, run for your life! If that person makes you feel like they are doing you a favour by being in a relationship with you or even thinking of getting married to you, run for your life. If that person has some negative character traits or habits that continues to cause problems in your relationship, run for your life!

Don’t make marriage a welfare issue! See yourself as valuable (and keep working on yourself to become even better)! Anyone who makes you feel like they can do better than you is not for you! Don’t be careless; if things are like this now, they will get worse in marriage. Don’t get married just to get married! If that marriage won’t add any value to you, you’re better off remaining single so you can enjoy the life God has given to you, and fulfill your destiny with confidence and peace of mind. You’re not yet married, so seize this opportunity that you have to get it right!

Please note that you also should ensure you’re not making anyone feel undervalued. If you don’t want to be in that relationship, end it so they too can move on in peace. What you wouldn’t appreciate; you shouldn’t do to others. You will reap whatever you sow. If you’re married and you feel tired, and ready to call it quits, I’m praying for you to remain strengthened! I urge you to seek godly counsel before taking any drastic steps. It may look beyond repair but remember that God has everything it takes to restore the colour and beauty that has been lost. You have to be willing to give Him a chance and He’ll work things out for your good!

So singles, if you want to enjoy your life in marriage, please be wise!

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