Know better. Do better!

It’s one thing to know. It’s another thing to do what we know. In our relationships and families, many of us actually know what to do but most of us don’t do it. The gathering of information is not what will cause us to enjoy life or family as God intends. It’s the application of the knowledge gathered that is the difference maker. It’s not enough to read all the books, attend seminars, receive counseling and learn from others. We must be willing to do what we learn in season and out of season; when we feel like it and when we don’t feel like it.

If you know that walking in strife will only further divide you and your (potential) spouse, it’s unwise to allow it to linger. If you know that your temper is getting in the way of an enjoyable relationship, do something about it. If you know your words tend to be more hurtful than helpful, examine yourself and make a change. There’s no point in going after knowledge if you know you’re just going to store it somewhere. Jesus calls such an individual a fool and He states that a wise person is the one who knows (hears) and does (Matthew 7:25-27). That person is the one whose house won’t collapse in the midst of floods or winds blowing heavily, in the midst of crisis, and in the midst of instability.

When you know better, do better. It doesn’t mean you should just stay in an unhealthy or abusive (emotionally and otherwise) relationship. If you believe you have done all you know to do, prayerfully get the counseling you need so you don’t take drastic steps. There just may be one more thing to do that will turn the tide in your relationship or home. If your (potential) spouse knows what to do but they refuse to do it, pray for them.

Ask God for wisdom on how to manage them but never stop doing your part. It’s true that knowledge is power but it’s doing that provokes results. So as we’re bent on adding value to ourselves, we must be ready to put the value gained to work. Until we come to that point, any knowledge we feel we have is irrelevant.

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