Making beautiful melodies in a home!

Throwback to when I took my relationship with the saxophone public! When my dream to learn how to play an instrument reached its peak, I’d picked this beauty up but wasn’t sure I could handle it. I saw it as a tough one to play (aren’t they all?). Last year, I made up my mind to challenge myself and make this relationship work! When we decided to compose a song for my sweet mama in-law’s 60th birthday, I seized the opportunity!

Thanks to a fantastic teacher, within such a short period of time, my love for this instrument deepened and it has taught me so much more about myself! Since the day this picture was taken, I’ve refused to let the sax go. I didn’t know I could produce such beautiful melodies! In fact, I feel like a saxophonist. hmm I shall get there (you better watch out)! This was one nerve-wracking day of my life but I’m grateful God showed me as usual, that anything I commit myself to is as good as done.

Honestly, any relationship that’ll work requires dedication/commitment. No marriage can be built on simply praying, fasting, etc. After that, we must still do the needful: work for what we want! It requires having to stretch ourselves/be uncomfortable but that’s how the beauty of it will show forth. Depending on how we view it; marriage is a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and tackle certain personal character traits within us that need to get lost.

Many issues in relationships can be easily resolved if both people are willing to calm down, think and talk things through. You may find out that you have the same point but because you’re so eager to get your point across, there is a miscommunication (Prov 18:2). However, once we decide to make it work and are ready to follow the process, it’ll produce a beautiful melody within our homes (get it?)!

Apart from likening this to relationships, I encourage you – Anything you desire to do, don’t wait any longer; do it! Everything we want to succeed at requires the same thing – dedication/commitment, a willingness to challenge ourselves. Don’t forget that as God helps, what you also do, determines what comes out of it!

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