Oneness = Peace & Unity

Oneness in marriage can’t be overemphasized. Any home where the husband and wife are of one mind and they speak the same language (unity), they are able to accomplish anything they set out to do! The power of oneness as found in Genesis 11:6, paints a solid picture. God acknowledged their unity and said nothing would be impossible that they purposed to do from that moment on. How needful is that in a marriage? Learn to work together so you can have the results you desire.

Strengthen your oneness by doing productive things together and talking through everything! Learn to be of one mind particularly on matters of your home and concerning any goals or plans you may have. Lean on each other for ideas and support, and work together to bring those ideas to life. All the enemy needs is for a husband and wife to be divided, because then he can easily do as he pleases in their home. Give him no place!

While we shouldn’t lose our identities in marriage, we shouldn’t also live our lives without taking consideration of how it will affect our spouses and the relationship/family.
There are things that must be handled jointly if we want to have peace and experience progress in the home. Be wise!

Don’t allow a wedge to remain between you and your spouse; that is a costly mistake. Marriage is one of the pleasures and blessings of life but we have to manage it well if we want to enjoy it. And if we don’t maintain a house United, we may miss out on the great things we can accomplish together, to the glory of God.

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