QUESTION: I got pregnant and this has affected how I relate with my husband. I have two children already and I wasn’t ready for another one. My husband is fine with it but he feels sad because of my mood. I need counsel!

ANSWER: You have to stir up the joy of the Lord in you. Your sadness could be because of the additional responsibility on you, or the additional financial implications or anything else but remember that in everything, we must give thanks. You may have planned to have only two children so this caught you off guard. The Bible says we can make many plans but it is the Lords purpose that will prevail (Prov 19:21). And God’s purposes/plans are always good. Always!

Be at peace; all things work together for good. Don’t allow your mood to dampen your husband’s or the atmosphere in your home. Don’t push him away, instead lean on him for support and encouragement! Stir your spirit up with praise and worship songs, and meditate on scriptures to strengthen you emotionally and otherwise. Surround yourself with people who will also uplift you; and receive grace for the journey ahead.

Children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Remember that there are many people who are literally longing for their own biological children! Focus on the positive side to this; This child that God has ‘forcefully’ sent to the earth will be a blessing to your family and to his or her generation!

There may be deeper reasons for your sadness with this pregnancy so please if you need help for your specific situation, prayerfully seek for a godly source who can stir you in the right direction. May God send you answers of Peace!

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