Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting

The Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting is finally here!

I am excited about this because my heart is drawn to parents who are still trusting God for their own children. I am confident that you will be blessed by this.

This Holy Spirit inspired 15-Day meditational journey is designed to help boost your faith during this waiting season, assuring you that God still has your fruitfulness on His mind and He would surely bring it to pass!

Please share this with as many parents you know who need this and of course, use it yourself if you need it!

I hope you find it helpful and I hope you are encouraged and your faith is strengthened. Please remember to share your testimonies!

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Kemi Oyedepo

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Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting


A Christ-centered home!

If your home is centered on Christ, everything about your family will be about Him. Not about you, not about your spouse, and certainly not about your children. It means He is the focus; His expectations of you is the focus; His will is the focus. It means He has the final say and with every decision we take, we ensure it aligns with His Word. When we deliberately make Christ the focus, we begin to behave like Him, His nature finds expression in us and helps us do the things we naturally would rather not do. 

So much so that when we speak or in our actions, all we’re thinking about is “would The Lord be pleased with me?” When you make your home all about you, or any member of your family, it creates room for disappointments and frustrations which will ultimately cause divisions/strife in the home.

Strive for a Christ-centered home and let it begin with you. Work towards a deeper relationship with Him which will help prune away negative traits in you. Then help your family members do the same (by praying for them and being a good example) until each person takes their eyes off each other and redirects their focus on where it should be – Jesus. When Jesus is indeed the center of any home, God’s intentions for marriage and the family is expressed with ease! Blessed weekend!

Forgive or divorce?

QUESTION: My wife cheated on me and I am so hurt but I still love her. I’ve been advised to call it quits even though she is so remorseful. Should I forgive her or divorce her? I’m reminded that even Jesus said it’s okay to end a marriage on that basis.


ANSWER: It’s true that Jesus said whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery unless his wife has been unfaithful (Matthew 19:9). However, in verse 8, He said although Moses permitted divorce, it was not what God had originally intended. God hates divorce because of the great damage it does so whatever we can do to prevent it, should be done. 

What your wife did was very wrong but I strongly believe that your marriage can survive adultery if you are both willing. Will it be easy? No. Will it require a lot of work to get over? Yes. Will it be worth it in the end? Absolutely. God can still heal your relationship and make you both one again. It’s very easy for people to tell you to call it quits but as hard as it may be, you have to be willing to minister grace to your wife.

While some marriages have completely broken down due to adultery, many homes have also been able to recover from it, and yours can too! Forgive and protect her from shame. Remember that Love covers a multitude of sins. Give her a chance to prove herself to be trustworthy again and consider what the loopholes may have been. What led her to do so, and how can it be avoided in the future?

Prayerfully seek godly counseling to help you through this tough process, and don’t give up easily. Give God’s Word a chance to work for you. In the energy of the flesh, it’s a hard thing but His Spirit is there to help our weaknesses; take advantage of this help.

Please limit the number of people that are informed of this situation and only disclose to those who can offer you genuine and godly counsel; those who are ready to help you both towards healing and restoration. May God give you answers of peace and make your marriage anew as you go through this process!

I’m praying for you! #kemioyedepo #cpyfqa #marriage#light #wisdom #crisisproofyourfamily