A Christ-centered home!

If your home is centered on Christ, everything about your family will be about Him. Not about you, not about your spouse, and certainly not about your children. It means He is the focus; His expectations of you is the focus; His will is the focus. It means He has the final say and with every decision we take, we ensure it aligns with His Word. When we deliberately make Christ the focus, we begin to behave like Him, His nature finds expression in us and helps us do the things we naturally would rather not do. 

So much so that when we speak or in our actions, all we’re thinking about is “would The Lord be pleased with me?” When you make your home all about you, or any member of your family, it creates room for disappointments and frustrations which will ultimately cause divisions/strife in the home.

Strive for a Christ-centered home and let it begin with you. Work towards a deeper relationship with Him which will help prune away negative traits in you. Then help your family members do the same (by praying for them and being a good example) until each person takes their eyes off each other and redirects their focus on where it should be – Jesus. When Jesus is indeed the center of any home, God’s intentions for marriage and the family is expressed with ease! Blessed weekend!

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