A learning institution…

Marriage is such a great opportunity to learn A LOT. You get to learn so much about yourself. Many of us go into marriage so set in our ways. Some of us are so unwilling to hear our spouses out or accept when we’re wrong. We think we have it all covered and that we are among the nicest, most logical people on earth; but marriage will humble you🤣
It’s also an opportunity to learn from your spouse. They know a lot of things you don’t, and vice versa. They may have some better ideas, as will you. Marriage is not a one-man show. If you get married set to remain the way you are, there will be a lot of challenges. Many issues in marriage are because we refuse to learn new ways of doing things and unlearn some of the wrong things.
Be open to change; after all, marriage is a learning and growing institution. If you start out on the wrong foot, be willing to do what it takes to correct the wrong. Pay attention to what needs to be worked on. If you’re not changing positivity, you’re not growing. That change may be uncomfortable but necessary if you want to have a fulfilling marriage and family life. If you need help, please seek godly counsel. Wishing you God’s best in your marriage! Single folks, please take note of this. Blessed weekend. Cheers…

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