A prayer for you!

Single ladies and gentlemen who desire to get married, I’m praying for you today:

*May the Lord order your steps to where your spouse is and may His favor cause you to be located with speed.

*May you be sensitive in the spirit to heed to what the Lord is saying about your choice. 

*May the person you choose to marry add so much beauty and color to your life.

*May that person add to your joy and peace and draw you closer to God.

*May your spouse indeed be your advantage and true helper of your destiny.

*May you achieve so much together that will cause people to glorify God in heaven.

*May you be genuinely fulfilled in your marriage.

*May your home be blessed and fruitful. *

May you experience so much growth in your marriage.

*May your giftings and talents be exposed and not buried in your marriage.

*May your spouse overwhelm you with their support.

*May you both find it easy to live in peace and harmony with one another.

*May you accept responsibility to build your home in line with the demands of the scriptures.

*May your dreams, visions, and passions blossom.

*May you both indeed be better together than you were as singles (Ecc 4:9).

*May he/she bring calm to any chaos in your life

*Truly, may your marriage be the stepping stone to the very best days of your life! *May your home indeed be a house of the lord; a home that God built! May it be so in Jesus’ name, amen!

It’s a very simple prayer? but very needful prayer!

The person you marry determines the direction of your life and destiny so I’m sincerely praying for you – may you not miss it in this thing called marriage!