Kemi Oyedepo is passionate about seeing the full glory and beauty of God manifested in the family.  Crisis-Proof Your Family began by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to equip, educate, and enrich those who are committed to building a marriage and family according to God’s design.

She is married to David Oyedepo Jnr, who currently serves as the Resident Pastor at Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland Ota, Nigeria. She is a writer and a teacher who has, often times with her husband, taught and counseled individuals on how to have a successful Christian family. They have shared biblical truths and wisdom for establishing and building a crisis-free family that they have learnt from those they follow, received from the Word of God, and modelled in their own marriage.

One of her greatest passions is to teach, to mentor, and to write!

While her teachings are drawn from the Scriptures, she ensures they  are easy to understand, practical, and applicable regardless of the stage of life an individual may be in. It is her desire to see individuals, and couples exhibit their salvation with exemplary family lives that give others hope and draws multitudes to the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Kemi was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and travelled all over the world with her siblings and parents while her father was an active Diplomatic Officer with the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She had most of her education in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA where she met her husband. She attended Victory Christian High School in Tulsa and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behaviour and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, both from the University of Oklahoma. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree (D.B.A) specialising in Human Resources Management.

Kemi enjoys reading, travelling, exercising and spending quality time with her husband and children.

Some resource materials she has written, among others, are listed below. Click on the titles to download your copy.

Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting

Scriptural Meditations (0-5 Years)

Valley of Decisions

On The Road to I Do



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  1. Congratulations Ma, this is long overdue however since the seasons and timings of God are nothing but perfect, I can only say that this must be His perfect time.

    I too, have had the first opportunity ever to write a monthly article on Healthy Eating, Diet & Lifestyle after years of procrastinating and waiting and planning and waiting and delay…

    Sounds familiar I’m sure, would be willing to contribute any articles or provide any links once they are up and running…

    Best wishes


  2. Mum,

    I have been reading the CPYF, and i must confess its great! May God continue to use you more and more ma! How do i get in touch with you eg via your email? I would really like to get in touch with you Ma.

    Be blessed.


  3. God bless you ma, you r a blessings. I always luk forward to read ur writeups always. Am so addicted

  4. So excited I got to be part of this,looking forward for more impact. God bless u

  5. Ma,
    I am always blessed with your teachings in CPYF. You are indeed putting smiles in a lot of homes worldwide. God will continue to Empower, Anoint and Protect you and your household IJN.
    Tunde Akinwumi, Lagos.

  6. Ur write ups,teachings and counsel all draw from a great deep place and I’m soooo glad to access the unending supply of truth from ur different platforms.tanks for being true to the truth of scriptures about family life!

  7. Looking forward to see CPYF posts on my wall has become something i cherish everyday and am so greatful for this amazing woman of excellence who has been a great blessing to me and the rest of the world.

    More grace.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi ma, I’m Obi, a fifth year med student in Nigeria and a long standing member of the winners family.
    I’ve been so blessed by your ministry and marriage and I admire you and your husband a whole lot… I passionately desire to have a perfect marriage just like yours, I even had to do a little video of you guys and each time I watch it, I claim the bliss and perfection I see.
    CPYF, I’ll say it’s totally amazing and I hope to share my testimony with you when I finally get married. God bless immensely

  9. Ma, you are such a blessing to myself and my husband on the issue of marriage . You are an amazing woman of God, may The Lord continues to increase you spiritually. Stay blessed forever

  10. Heaven on Earth Ma, I’ve been richly blessed by your teachings on CPYF,I created a special book for your life-changing teachings.I’m a soon-to-be-minister’s wife,i look forward to a blissful home built on Christs’ solid rock.I look forward to fulfilling destiny in my home,kingdom work,career,profession etc. I love the beams of smiles that oozes outta your face with your hubby’s too-it goes a long way to show the togetherness, love, peace, understanding which is resident in your home.I pray that God will continue to endow you with wisdom,knowledge and rhema everytime you are on the go for the propagation of the gospel,In Jesus Mighty Matchless Name-Amen.

  11. Thanks for availing yourself to be used of God to affect families positively in this end time. God bless you ma.

  12. CPYF is a blessing to Manking,Ma thnks for being a great blessing to this generation…CPYF

  13. I love you Ma! You are truly my inspiration…I will someday be a Pastor’s wife.

  14. Prayer requests

    Please join me in prayer petition at the faith tabernacle
    am very ill have gone to several hospital test and yet am still not comfortable with my body system I have ulcer since 4years ago and presently am experiencing heart Palpitations and hard breath
    Psalms 91:15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. 91:16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation


    Emmanuel Chimezie Udechukwu

  15. Very excited, I love to be part of CPYF and God bless you ma

  16. Thank you ma, God’s oil on you will never run dry.

  17. Sincerely Kemi your words always come to me at the rite time. I am always blessed every day I read it & it is a word that directs my parts. You & I have one thing in common (Birthday mate #July 19th)

  18. My case is Different greetings Ma! Please know that your write ups have been of tremendous blessing to me and am sure to various people. I must confess I read some of these resources over and over again; praying and working the truths thereof into my life with the grace God gives me. Specifically, your write up ‘On the way to I do’ has helped me and is still helping me… I have also had course to refer to CPYF link to some friends. I pray more of God’s grace and wisdom to continue in His course. I look forward to sharing my testimonies with you someday. Thank you and God bless!

  19. Merry Christmas, may God bless you. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so my case is different

  20. Pastor Kemi…beautiful in every single way. Thanks for making yourself available to God for our generation. I trust God to keep you 4evalifted.

  21. Good morning ma,
    Great piece of wisdom and refreshing served always.

    I would like to request for your personal email address if I won’t be breaking any protocol.

    Thank you ma. I’ll be expecting ma. My email is attached to this comment.

  22. I feel so blessed to find this website,now if have got a question how do send it.

  23. God bless you exceedingly ma! Thanks for being a perfect pattern for us; your teachings & write ups are insightful, inspiring & didactic. Have learnt a lot & still learning from the CPYF resource materials; am richly bless. Continue to be a blessing. More grace!!

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