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Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting

The Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting is finally here!

I am excited about this because my heart is drawn to parents who are still trusting God for their own children. I am confident that you will be blessed by this.

This Holy Spirit inspired 15-Day meditational journey is designed to help boost your faith during this waiting season, assuring you that God still has your fruitfulness on His mind and He would surely bring it to pass!

Please share this with as many parents you know who need this and of course, use it yourself if you need it!

I hope you find it helpful and I hope you are encouraged and your faith is strengthened. Please remember to share your testimonies!

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Kemi Oyedepo

Please click the link below to download it!

Scriptural Meditations for Parents In Waiting


Scriptural Meditations For Children (Ages 0-5 Years)

The Scriptural Meditations for Children (Ages 0-5) is ready!!

This is to date, the greatest CPYF resource I’ve been inspired to release!

It’s a 30-Day journey to help challenge you and your children to grow in the Scriptures so you can use it over and over again until the Scriptures penetrate deep into your child’s heart!

I hope you’re excited about it too and I’m praying for you as you use it, the effects will find great expression in them in Jesus name, amen!

If you find it helpful, please remember to share it!

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Kemi Oyedepo

Please click the link below to download it!

Scriptural Meditations (0-5 Years)

Valley Of Decisions

Valley of Decisions, the first fiction  short story from CPYF is full of lessons that resonates with many individuals.

Follow the stories of Laila Ocheng, Ben Manda, Matthew Smith and Kiki Taylor, as they make decisions that will affect their lives forever! This is not just a novel but also a treasure that will help guide you while you’re in your valley of decisions and get you on your God-ordained path towards your marital destiny.

Click below to download this teaching novel and be blessed!

Valley of Decisions



It’s here – Crisis-Proof Your Family with Prayer, volume 2!

In 2016, led by the Holy Ghost, we posted prayers for the family on 2017 the CPYF Facebook page during our church’s 21-day prayer and fasting programme.  At the end of that, we decided to put all the prayers together in an eBook, Crisis-Proof Your Family with Prayer.

We did the same again this year and we are delighted to present volume 2 to you.  Testimonies have been flooding in – it’s humbling!

We hope that as you use this eBook, you will also have testimonies of God’s goodness towards you. There are prayers for every family member and various family life situations.

Be blessed, enjoy the journey and share the eBook with friends.

Crisis-Proof Your Family Team


Hello everyone!

We’ve been eager to get another edition of the newsletter out. So many great things have happened over the past few months for which we’re thankful to God.

Some people hear the words, IN-LAWS and cringe but that doesn’t have to be the case. We have some wise words in this edition to help you develop a good relationship with your in-laws.

If you’re getting ready for marriage, keep up the good work; we have an article on the importance of asking QUESTIONS to help build a firm foundation for a crisis-free marriage.

There is much more in this newsletter which we know will bless you. Please read it and invite others to enjoy it too. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions.

The newsletter is a click away: 2016-cpyf-newsletter-edition-4  

We appreciate  you.

Blessings, Continue reading AUTUMN 2016 NEWSLETTER – HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!

June 2016 newsletter is here!

Hello everyone,

Happy Father’s Day to our beloved men! May the Lord increase the grace to be outstanding fathers upon you in Jesus name.

We’re excited to bring you this special Father’s Day edition of the newsletter. It’s bursting with so much stuff.

We asked our beloved Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr to write something empowering for men. His article, COURAGE TO LEAD, will inspire you no matter where you are now in life’s journey – single young man, father, pastor, mentor or even a woman. We hope you enjoy it and will feedback your reflections.

The usual features are also in this edition – Q&A, Laugh It Off, CPYF Tip, etc. To read it, click on this link: CPYF newsletter June 2016.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter. Keep sharing this blessing with your family and friends.

Till next time,

Crisis-Proof Your Family Team


Hello everyone,

It’s our pleasure to bring you the May  edition of the CPYF Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed the April edition and found it useful.

Read the newsletter over and over again and then share it again and again with others. You know someone who needs to read this and other articles from CPYF. You can send your questions and feedback to us through our website or the Facebook page.

It’s here: 2016 CPYF Newsletter-May

Enjoy and be blessed.



Hello all,

It’s our pleasure to present our new monthly newsletter.  Each month we will put together bits and bobs which we feel will bless you – tips, Q&A, words of encouragement, and even some humour!  It will be available on the first day of the month.

We’d love to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve on it.

Download it; print it! Whatever you do, enjoy reading it and share it with friends and family.

If you will like us to send it to you via email, please let us know!

Are you ready? Click here:CPYF Newsletter April 2016

With every blessing,

CPYF Admin Team

Crisis-Proof Your Family with Prayer eBook

We are  pleased to present to you the first volume of ‘Crisis-Proof Your Family with Prayer’.

We trust you’d find this eBook to be a rich resource containing prayers for just about every member of the family and for various situations of life.

Use it as a tool and weapon for taking possession of what God has promised you for a crisis-proofed family life.

Be blessed as you use it!

Click here to download the 2016 CPYF Prayer eBook