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Enhance your worth…

One of the greatest ways to add value to yourself is through continuous self/personal development. Be on a quest for more information regarding various subject matters of interest to you. Some topics may not even really be your passion but no knowledge is wasted! Decide areas you need to improve on and go after the resources available to help enhance you.

This is not just about spiritual development but other areas that are critical to your success as an individual. Financial management, time management, stress management, goal setting and achievement, effective communication, etc. Such topics impact us as individuals. And because the value of any relationship is determined by the value of the individuals in it, such topics are also crucial for family life. Pick up books, attend seminars, acquire new skills and enhance your capacity.

Gather knowledge in various areas that will sharpen your thinking and make you a well rounded individual. Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself and be willing to give it what it takes. Discipline yourself to become a productive individual; that’s how to become an asset. If you’re a single lady or gentleman now, don’t wait until you get married; today is a good day to start your journey towards self development!

Remember that even in marriage, nobody likes a liability! If you’re married, the same applies; carry your spouse along on the journey if possible. I’ve personally gathered much knowledge on topics I wasn’t interested in before, from learning about animals😀 to investments, thanks to my hubby! Whatever you do, don’t let days, months, years meet you at the same spot.

There is no end to continuous self development so we must keep investing into upgrading ourselves as much as possible. The value we receive from such investments won’t only have a positive effect on us but it will show in our various endeavours from our careers to our family life! – Kemi Oyedepo

Stand out…

The fact that everybody is doing something in your field a particular way doesn’t make their way the only way. In your quest to fulfil your assignment in life, you don’t have to do things EXACTLY as others have done it, otherwise you won’t be unique. Find your purpose and own your craft; ask the Holy Spirit to give you creative ideas on how to bring that passion and vision to life while standing out.

While it’s so important to learn from others who have gone ahead of you, remember that it’s what eyes have not yet seen nor ears heard that God has in store for you (1 Corinthians 2:9) and it’s far above what we can think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). So rather than just blend in as another business, another ministry, another organisation, etc, carve your niche as one with a striking difference from all others. It may look strange or it may not make sense but as long as its Holy Spirit inspired, everyone must stop and take notice when it’s your time.

Think of what unique touches will make people keep coming to you for what you offer. People may not even like you but because you have what they need, they’ll have no choice but to be attracted to you! Find your craft, perfect it and be confident about it. Don’t take any moment for granted and don’t despise the current phase of life. Remain so joyful and expectant! That thing may not have ever been done before, but who says you can’t be the first to do it?

My Personal Pastor, David Oyedepo Jnr. speaking of the favour of God, often says “the fact that it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done for you.” In this context, I’ll go further and say because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t meant it can’t be done by YOU!#thursdaymotivation #ownyourcraft #perfectyourcraft#dowhathasntbeendone #light #thegreatlight #keepwalkinginthegreatlight

Faith vs. Feelings

Faith and feelings can never get along. They’ll always be at war with each other because more often than not, they see differently. Our feelings often tell us things that our faith doesn’t agree with. However, we have to consciously tell ourselves to keep walking by faith and not by sight (feelings, emotions, circumstances) – 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Too often, when we find ourselves in a bind, even though we know that scripture by heart, we tend to forget it when we need it most. We panic, we let our imaginations run wild with all the possible outcomes, we even let fear have its way. It’s time to use faith to trump our feelings, our emotions, our circumstances. Don’t let your feelings get carried away no matter how much pressure you’re under. You may not be able to see your desire physically yet but but don’t let that deter you faith. One of my favourite scriptures, 2 Corinthians 4:18 clearly tells us where to put our focus. We’re told to look not at the troubles we can see but at the things which are unseen. The things we can see are temporary but the unseen is forever.

The things you can see now are temporary but the things your faith can see (faith sees) are forever. Every moment of everyday, be conscious about using your faith to trump your feelings. Tell yourself “Yes, some things may not be as they ought to be but that doesn’t matter, I choose my faith over what I see”. Replace your natural eyes with the eyes of faith! The level of your faith determines your confidence so never stop growing in faith (study, and meditate on God’s Word daily; pray, etc). Faith can get you anything at anytime. Keep using it to overcome your feelings, and you’ll have your victory, your testimony, your breakthrough, in no time! – K #faith #keepwalkinginthegreatlight

Check your focus!

What you focus on has a serious impact on what you say and how you act! What you focus on has a direct impact on the state of your heart! Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life (Proverbs 4:23). If you really want to live a Holy life, pleasing to God, your responsibility (not God’s) is to keep your heart free from things and people that pollute your spirit. Many of us make vows upon vows to be clean, we plan to do better but… we remain loyal to what’s drawing us back.

We remain dedicated to keeping up with those who are so worldly. We remain attached to material things! It’s impossible to keep your focus on the wrong things, and do right. If you focus on something long enough, you’ll begin to move in that direction. Even as a Christian, the onus is on you to protect yourself, starting with your heart. If your focus is truly on God, your appetite for a lot of worldly pleasures will begin to die off while your hunger for the things of God will be on the rise. Enjoy your life but… don’t get attached!

Deliberately get rid of anything that may be affecting your focus negatively; that may have caged your heart and kept you from being fully glued to your Maker. That may just be the reason why you are where you are today. You may be wondering why things in your life are not going as you believe they should. Check your focus! Check the state of your heart! A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart… In order words, your heart is the fountain of your life; be determined to keep it pure and pleasing to God so you can keep moving in the right direction.

It’s Recovery Time!

You have to believe from the depth of your heart that God is in the recovery business! It’s one of His main specialties! Anything we lose that is rightfully ours, is of great importance to Him. Even redemption is about getting back what was lost due to the fall of man. The devil came to steal, and God sent Jesus to give back. There’s nothing in your life that doesn’t concern God. If it’s your health, He’s ready to restore it. If your peace of mind is nowhere to be found, He’s ready to give it back to you… in abundance. Even that joy that has turned to sorrow in your life, He’s so ready to turn into unending laughter.

The time you’re lamenting over that seems wasted or lost, can easily be given back to you. Whether or not we actually recover anything has a lot to do with our countenance, the state of our Spirit, the condition of our mind and the steps we take. One thing you must know is that you can’t get anything back if you remain discouraged and if you don’t get moving! Reading the Scriptures, David had to encourage (or strengthen) himself in the Lord first before he could begin to ask God for direction concerning the steps he should take to recover all that was stolen (1 Samuel 30).

Even in his distress, he encouraged himself in the Lord! That’s exactly what you must do! Don’t sit around waiting for who will encourage you. Stop throwing a pity party for yourself. The time has come for you to rejoice even when you don’t feel like it. You must remain hopeful even with your back against the wall and when everything looks so bleak. It’s time to shake yourself from the dust, and tell yourself, “I am going to make it”, “this thing will not defeat me”, “devil, you won’t have the last laugh over me”. “This second half of the year is mine”!

Encourage yourself, then recover! Encourage yourself, then recover! From this month of July till the end of this amazing year, except a recovery galore! It’s your month! Well, it’s actually my month😜🤣 but I’ll share it with you.

Enjoy the very very very BEST of God in Jesus’ name. Amen! – K#hellojuly #itsgoodtoseeyou #recoverytime #thegreatlight#keepwalkinginthegreatlight

You are significant to God!

The crucible of diligence

Be diligent in your pursuit of anything you do. Diligence always brings results. Many people don’t experience God’s best, not because they don’t believe in God or His promises, but because they lack diligence. They get fired up today, then cool down tomorrow. They go forward with much excitement, then when challenges arise, they back down. They are ready to run with that vision today, the next minute, they’d rather be sleeping.

Diligence requires us to push through no matter what. The dictionary defines it as being persistent in doing something. Persistency is key; meaning that failure isn’t an option. It’s not enough to pray for anything to come to pass. The fact that God has shown you a vision doesn’t mean it’ll automatically happen. Even with that vision, diligence is required. That is the difference maker! God expects us to do something with what He shows us per time if we want to move to the next phase.

Every single day, ensure you put in your best toward that desire, vision or assignment. It won’t fulfil itself. If your desire is to grow spiritually, for example, you have to be diligent in that pursuit. You have to stretch yourself; you have to study, you have to pray in your understanding and in the spirit, you have to keep engaging in spiritual exercises if you indeed want to see the growth you desire.  In your academics, be diligent. With your assignment in life, be diligent. In your career, be diligent.

Give your best always. Don’t be the employee or even the business owner who is a slacker. Don’t approach any serious business based on how you feel. You’ll get nowhere fast. No wonder the scriptures tell us that it’s the hand of the diligent that will rule (Proverbs 12:24). Its not the hand of the wishful thinkers, it’s the hand of the diligent! It’s the diligent (wo)man that’ll rub shoulders with with the affluent. Too many of us dream; we forget that when we wake up, work begins. Begin to get your act together and accept that no matter how talented, anointed or gifted you are, nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace diligence. In fact God’s process of making rulers is the crucible of diligence – K #fridayreflections #diligence #light #thegreatlight

Pastor Billy Joe…

Some people have an impact on you that time cannot erase. Billy Joe Daugherty was such a person. He is one of those “Everytime I think of you, I give thanks to my God” people – Phil. 1:3. He was my Pastor in Tulsa & founder of the High School I attended @vcstulsa. Till today, my parents are members of that church. He was amazing and his humility was breathtaking. In fact, his heart for people was beyond human comprehension. It is from him that I first learnt the importance of reaching out to the lost! I remember the first day I met him; he was walking in the hallway. He stopped by my locker and asked my siblings and I our names, then said, “y’all are Nigerians!”😝. He went on to rave about the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

I still didn’t know who he was until the chapel service I saw him on the altar teaching. Boy, was I shocked! That was him for you; just like a regular guy. After services, he would stand by the door and shake people’s hands😳. This was a church with about 10,000 (if not more) people in attendance. A lot of people (including myself) would literally wait just to get a handshake. I loved him too much! There was a day when he was conducting the altar call, a man walked down and punched him x2. I wasn’t in the service but it hurt me😂; you would have thought it was my face. I kept saying but why would someone do that to my sweet pastor? In true fashion, right there my Pastor wiped off the blood on his face, talked about forgiveness and asked God to forgive the man. He also visited this same man when he was in jail, to minister to him!

Pastor Billy Joe went to be with the Lord some years ago after an illness. His death really affected me and I had to come to the point of just thanking God for the opportunity of meeting someone like him. He literally showed me what the love of Christ is all about. Whenever I’m in Tulsa, I attend Victory and I MUST take a picture by this sign. My husband and I talk about him often (he also attended the church) Till today, I read his books and listen to his messages. That’s the power of impact. I dedicate#fridayreflections to him. For teaching me how to forget self & focus on others while reflecting Christ. He’s a #valueaddingman-K

Get your confidence from God’s Word

If you place emphasis on how people make you feel, you’ll be depressed! Your self worth should never be put in the hands of anyone. Today, people love you, tomorrow, they ignore you. Some may claim to love you with their heart & lungs and tomorrow, they may not think highly of you at all! Even when we have the best intentions, we sometimes disappoint. Your worth, your value is all in God’s Word. This is someone who has said He loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). Do you realise what that means? A love that can never end. Wow! If that doesn’t put a spring in your step, I don’t know what will.

The only thing that can’t change is God & His Word! What people thought of me affected me until I pumped myself with God’s Word and saw exactly what He thinks of me as fact and as truth! If you like, love me, if you like hate me, if you like, like me, you’re on your own. My eyes remain in one direction – above! Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. You know that scripture we sometimes quote casually? Yes that one – Psalm 139:14 (look it up). It carries life and power. If you really meditate on it and let it sink deep in your heart, you will never see yourself as less than you really are! So… don’t let anyone make you think you are less valuable than them. That person has their own shortcomings and struggles (don’t we all?). They may be working on them with the help of God but they are not exempted from flaws. Stop wishing for their life! The Bible calls that – foolishness (2 Corinthians 10:12).

Strive everyday to be a better version of yourself and stay in your lane. Learn from others but have your own unique twist. Don’t try to be exactly like anybody else because you will fall short. You can only be you. And you can only be the best version of yourself when your self esteem and confidence are drawn from God’s Word! What scriptures are dwelling in your heart about you? If you have none, locate some. Once you do that, thoughts of “this person is better than me”, “that person didn’t appreciate or acknowledge me”, “why isn’t my own life like theirs?”, will fade away like ashes in the wind👊🏾– K #fridayreflections#keepwalkinginthegreatlight


I’m grateful to mentor/be mentored by women from various walks of life and I love to learn from my peers and from those who are coming up. From business, media, fashion, ministry, etc to wives, to mothers, to professionals… you name it. If it’s by a woman or even a girl😊, I’m inspired. Especially by the one who draws her inspiration from the Bible for everything. Those whose light shine brightly that we cannot help but take notice and glorify God. I consider such women #valueaddingwomen. They have added much value to me and in turn, I confidently add value to others. I’ve learnt that I cannot give what I don’t have no matter how hard I try. So unless I add value to myself through the Word of God and through learning from others, anything I give out will be valueless.

For a long time under the Crisis-Proof Your Family platform, I maintained a section for the#valueaddingwoman & after much prayer, I’ve been inspired to dedicate an Instagram account to it – @valueaddingwoman. If you’re on Instagram, come and join us!
I’m excited! It’s purpose – A blog/community for women of all calibers (and ages), to inspire others, and be inspired. We’ll share daily quotes from women around the world who have added undeniable value. Some have wounds and scars to show but never stopped walking in their purpose. Some have made mistakes & those mistakes are now their message. Some have literally been knocked down but not out💪🏾! These women have continued to add value in spite of the hurdles, and wow… It’s inspiring!

Beyond that, we’ll share from men who have in their own way, and with their words, inspired women. Nothing adds more value than God’s Word so expect scriptures that will inspire you to be all God has created you to be. You may know some of these women or you may have never heard of them before. It doesn’t matter; just be inspired. Please share your story(ies) to inspire; if you know any women (or girls) who inspire, tag us (or send a DM) and we’ll repost. Send prayers, encouragement, scriptures, testimonies… anything that’ll add value to us! So tell a girl, to tell a lady to tell a woman😆… The V.A.W club is here💃🏽 – K! #valueaddingwoman#inspireandbeinspired #light#keepwalkinginthegreatlight