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Scriptural Meditations For Children (Ages 0-5 Years)

The Scriptural Meditations for Children (Ages 0-5) is ready!!

This is to date, the greatest CPYF resource I’ve been inspired to release!

It’s a 30-Day journey to help challenge you and your children to grow in the Scriptures so you can use it over and over again until the Scriptures penetrate deep into your child’s heart!

I hope you’re excited about it too and I’m praying for you as you use it, the effects will find great expression in them in Jesus name, amen!

If you find it helpful, please remember to share it!

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Kemi Oyedepo

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Scriptural Meditations (0-5 Years)

What picture are you presenting?

If you want to know the real state of a marriage/family, one of the best people to ask are the children. They see clearly everything going on in a home. The adults can pretend and even try to hide some things but the children see and know it all. They observe when mum and dad are not affectionate, they see when mum and dad don’t respect each other. They see when mum and dad raise their voices and insult each other. And when they see those things, they know that such attitudes are wrong.

As a husband and wife or father and mother, you have a duty to deliberately provide a loving and safe environment for your child(ren); a home where they can feel secure. How you interact with each other and handle issues determine the stability (spiritually, emotionally, etc) of your child. I often say that the marriage is a garden where the children grow and how we tend to any garden determines the outcome of the plants, flowers, etc. So it’s important we tend to our marital garden well so our children can flourish; and so the best in them can come out. When you ask a child to draw a picture of their family, they often include some details that give you a clear picture of what happens in the home. A child once drew a picture of his home: he drew the house, his 3 siblings and his parents. He then shaded the inside of the house really dark and he drew some circles under the house.

When asked to describe his drawing, he said he drew it that way because nobody got along at home and he felt his house was always in a storm. Of course his parents (who acted like all was well outside) were extremely embarrassed. Be conscious of the image you present to them; keep reminding yourself that you have an artist in your midst.

So let the picture of your marriage and the family in their head be one that gives them joy. If your child was to draw a detailed picture of your home now, how do you think it’ll look? Whatever the answer may be, promote God’s love always and be conscious about it. And it’s not just for your child(ren) but for you. You also need to enjoy your marriage; after all, marriage is the foundation for the family! #parenting #marriage #light #wisdom#crisisproofyourfamily

Speak prophetically to/about your children…

What you say to and about your child(ren) is prophetic! It leaves a mark (good or bad); it sticks to them like glue! Children live up to the belief that their parents have in them. What are you saying to/about them? If you may have been belittled by your own parents or adults around you while growing up; if they were careless with the words they used to mould you, be determined not to carry on with that trend. Break the cycle! Once you know better, do better! Don’t join others in misspeaking about their children.

Sometime ago, I met someone who had the most terrible things to say about their child. The child was a teenager who wasn’t even doing anything wrong but this parent was already speaking into the future of their child so carelessly that I had to caution them; I couldn’t stand it. If those words come to pass, they’ll start wailing, and even begin to blame God for allowing it to happen. When in actual fact, they are the ones who called it to pass by their words. Regardless of their age, be deliberate about what you say!

Don’t just speak casually; speak positively and prophetically into the life of your child(ren) at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter if what you see in actual fact is the opposite, keep speaking! In time, your child(ren) will align! If you’ve been on that path of speaking without thinking of the consequences your words can provoke, it’s time to get on the right track! Don’t be deceived. Those seemingly unimportant words you speak can cause the greatest damage. Be wise! – Kemi Oyedepo@theoyedepojnrs#thegoddependentparent #marriage #light #wisdom#ontheroadtoido #crisisproofyourfamily


Motherhood is one of those journeys you never really appreciate until you step into the role. The sacrifices and everything in between takes on a whole new meaning when you actually become a mother. It’s a rigourous but rewarding journey and requires all the grace to do the best job you possibly can. It calls for sowing seeds day and night and watering those seeds, believing God that the harvest will be bountiful. It is hoping that like the Proverbs 31 woman, you indeed laugh at the future watching your own children grow up and live a life worthy of the gospel of Christ!

My mother means the world to me. Her input into my life has shaped me into the woman, wife and mother that I am today. People may not value the time and energy a mother invests in her children but I don’t need anyone to validate the most important assignment God has given to me. It is a high and holy calling. Don’t downplay how significant you are! You are invaluable. You can’t pass value to your children if you don’t see yourself as invaluable in God’s sight. Be the affirmation your children need. Be the teacher. Be the one who encourages their faith! Every day, deliberately spend some quality time with them, investing particularly into their spiritual lives. The more I just hang out with my children, the more beautiful they are to me!

Ah… motherhood! It’s a sweet journey; nothing else comes close to it. If you feel your husband or their father is not living up to his role, don’t let that stop you from giving your best to your children; they will rise up and bless you for it! You may feel as if your input is not yet showing, don’t let that deter you. The fruits of your labour will not elude you. Keep praying for your children and in no time, you’ll see them align. You may have come from a home without a mother or perhaps your mother didn’t know better.

Learn from that and be determined to do better for your children. If you genuinely don’t know what to do, seek the counsel you need! I’m praying for anyone who desires this beautiful role of motherhood, may the Lord grant your desires in Jesus name, amen! May the #ligHT and#wisdom we need remain available to us! – Kemi Oyedepo#motherhood #crisisproofyourfamily

The goal of discipline = godly character

…While There Is Hope


Your children will not remain small forever. One day, their feet will no longer be in cute trainers, crocs, flip flops, etc. Such shoes will be swapped for striking stilettos or loafers or brogues and whatever else is out there to be worn. Then, they will walk into a busy world and you will not have so much time to hang out together, play together or even pray together. So, please don’t trade in precious moments with them for anything. Irrespective of their ages, do all you can to pump them with all the necessary values, spiritual and otherwise that they need to be value adding adults both in the world and in their future homes and please make sure such values are evident in your life as well. As I often say, do it like their life depends on it! Slip off your heels, mother; father remove your shoes and tie. Stop being so focused on everything else while your children get your left overs. Remember they are with you for a season. The bible says discipline your children while there is hope, otherwise you will ruin their lives – Proverbs 19:18. I always add love them while there is hope, correct them while there is hope, spend time with them while there is hope, get to know them while there is hope. Push them to God while there is hope. The list goes on and on. Do everything while there is hope; while the opportunity is still there. A time will come when what you say is only an advice and not an instruction. But when you do what you are supposed to do at the right time, you won’t be worried whether they take your advice or not because the teachings you instilled in them will be working for them. If your children are no longer under your tutelage and may have made some wrong decisions, don’t be dismayed; don’t lose hope. One weapon that never fails is prayer, use it with all your heart concerning them. Even when you want to speak to them, pray. Ask the Holy Spirit for utterance that will gain entrance into their hearts and bring about a great testimony. You may be a single parent here, the same applies to you. It doesn’t matter how you became a single parent, the point is that your child or children are here now so what are you going to do to bring out the best in them? Don’t have a “woe is me” mentality, many single mothers and fathers have done a fantastic job raising their children so while it may be more challenging, it is 100% doable! Parenting is serious business and cannot be done well without depending on God. Don’t take it as a casual responsibility. You and I have the privilege of moulding the character of another person from scratch – what an honour from God. Let us be determined to do a great job using time, among others as our motivation. I always remind myself that as my children’s shoe sizes change, it means the time to mould them and prepare them for the world, spiritually and otherwise, is reducing, therefore I must remain strengthened and keep looking to God for the required tools and help to give them all I can, while there is hope.



For many of us, when we become parents, we realise that parenting is much more than cuddling and being mesmerized by how cute our children are. As they grow older, they begin to try every ounce of the fruit of the Spirit at work in us (Galatians 5:22-23). One day, I heard a parent who was very agitated tell his child that, “You are not allowing me to be the kind of dad I always dreamed of”. I wondered what that meant and found out that according to the dad, his son was ‘trouble’; in fact, he said that was his son’s middle name. He said he always dreamt of being a loving dad, but his son made it difficult with all his ‘drama and bad behaviour’. That really broke my heart. I told him the fact that he calls his son ‘trouble’ in the first place is part of the reason why that is all he sees. I made him realise that as parents our words over our children carry a lot of weight so we cannot be careless about them.

I told him to speak only positive words, even when his little boy seemed to be misbehaving. I drew wisdom from the scriptures – “Tell him he is a mighty man of valour; tell him he shall be mighty on the earth; tell him God created him as a blessing; tell him he will be the joy of many generations”, and a few others. After a few weeks, when he saw me, he could only say positive things about this same son, and he even began to cry about the fact that he regretted saying negative words to his son in the first place. He was amazed at the rapid change he saw in his boy and said the one word he uses on him now is that he is a blessing.

As parents, we have spiritual authority over our children, particularly when they are young. We have to believe and speak God’s Word continually if we want to enforce satan’s defeat. As you speak His Word, your children learn from you and when they get to the point of understanding and can take responsibility for themselves, all they would speak over themselves and various circumstances is what you have taught them about themselves from God’s Word. The enemy wants us to see our children as burdens, as trouble, as nuisances, even as mistakes. Why? So that they don’t become great on the earth. He knows that how you see them is how you will address them; if you see them as trouble, you will despise them. He knows that if you see past their imperfections and focus on what they can become, you will invest the Word of God into them. My charge to you today is instead of looking at how they are now, look into their future. What do you see? Use that futuristic picture as a guide for how you treat them now. They are meant to be signs and wonders on the earth (Isaiah 8:18). How do you intend to ensure that happens? God’s Word is the only way you can do that effectively. Keep His Word in your heart and that is all that will proceed out of your mouth concerning your children. Anywhere you find yourself when dealing with your children, don’t get agitated or frustrated. Instead, stop stressing and pick up His Word – the Parenting Manual. Locate scriptures concerning your children, pray over them with those same scriptures and you will see what you say manifest. Forget about how long it will take. The Bible says “…you will reap in due season IF you faint not” (Galatians 6:9)!

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You are the coach….


“Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Among other things, to train means to instruct by example. You must SHOW your children what to do. They are more interested in what you are doing than what you are saying. You have to be honest if you want your children to be honest. You can’t teach them to love or forgive others when you don’t show love or forgiveness towards your spouse. You cant tell them to handle issues calmly, when you are always raising your voice at them, at their father/mother, or anybody else. You teach them such things by actually DOING such things. A great coach always show the athlete what to do by example and ensures that athlete does it consistently until it becomes a part of them. Most of the problems we see in the society today begin from the home. Parenting is demanding; it is a high calling with great responsibilities. The children we are raising are the leaders of tomorrow. They are to be champions in life; the ones to preserve the coming generations and advance the kingdom of God based on what we have invested in them. We must see ourselves as the coaches and do what we can, with the help of God, to ensure they turn out right. And glory be to God, we have the Word of God as our training manual to raise them up in the right way. Lay your hands on that great manual and utilize it diligently. Their lives depend on it. As you do, your own children will stand out in life.

Give them what you owe them…


One thing that every parent owes the next generation is showing them the importance of keeping the way of the Lord and how to go about doing so. Abraham’s testimony comes to mind about how he taught his children to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice. Wouldn’t you love such a testimony? One where God is so sure of your character and what you would do. I certainly would love that to be my story. It is so important that our christian walk as parents is such an inspiration to our children. One that causes them to desire to follow Christ and even feel as though they are missing out on “the good life”, if they don’t. That is a debt we owe them to preserve their future. Let them confidently attribute their good standing with God to the impartation of His grace through your life. Provide spiritual meat and direction for your family, and your godly inheritance will be secure. Meditate on the scripture in Genesis 18: 17-19, and let it enrich your spirit man. For emphasis, please see it below

“…The Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do, 18 since Abraham will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed? 19 For I have chosen him, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the Lord may bring upon Abraham what He has spoken about him.”

A great testimony of Abraham, isn’t it? May that be ours too, in Jesus name. Amen! May the grace to give our children what we owe them be ours in abundance!



As a parent, your task is to MAKE your children, not BREAK them. No excuse is good enough as to why any parent should be ok with tearing their children down instead of building them up and speaking life into them. I tend to hear many parents who make comments like, “Well, that’s how I was raised. I was beaten, spoken to anyhow and look at me; I turned out just fine”. Or so you think. When I ask them if they liked being treated that way, not one person ever says “yes”.  The fact that you were raised that way does not make it the right kind of training. In fact, I personally believe that if it did happen to you, you have more reasons why you should not do the same to your children. Don’t make them pay for the pain you may have experienced otherwise, they too may continue that cycle. That is why there is usually a strain in most children-parent relationships. And, you find that most children are eager to leave their parents home and only come back to visit once in a blue moon, if at all. Deal with your children, irrespective of their age, in a respectable manner always; show them love always. Even when they do wrong, use it as an opportunity to teach them something, see it as an opportunity to make them. Never allow yourself to say or do damaging things to them, such words stick and are hard to get over except by the grace of God! It is a sad thing to see a full grown adult who is still affected by hurtful words and actions from their parents or parental figures; it affects every area of their life. Please don’t be careless; everything you do towards them carries more consequences than you think. When it comes to our children, with every action and with every word comes a making or a breaking!

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