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16 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Ma!So blessed with this blog and for me I believe by God’s grace n wisdom,am soooo sure my family and marriage life will be envied.Though I have not seen a lot of successful marriages espeacialy beginning frm my parents and beyond,we the insight I receive I can boldly say in advance better and happy days for my marriage that is yet to come.

  2. Exceeding greeting to you Mma, in Jesus Name….Amen
    Please i have a question and i desire an advise, it is regarding a relationship that should be leading to a marriage but the problem is that the lady is 3 years older that the guy and the man is thinking of packing up the relationship using age as the reason.
    Please what do you advise on such scenario.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Strange works /Strange acts

  3. I almost forgot my vision of a conflict-free home, but reading from you that you have and will NEVER raise your voice on your hubby struck me. I am determined more than ever before now to have a conflict-free marriage. I have a question;
    How do you handle it when you can’t come to a unanimous decision over a matter?
    I have discovered that it is in those periods when we do not see eye to eye and can’t come up with a solution together that results in conflict. Thank you

  4. Thank you for bringing to our door step the TRUTH in form of a blog…God bless you Ma!
    I have a question, it’s about how involved you ought to be with your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend). Nowadays, people use the excuse of their “love language” being physical touch to argue this out or even try to deceive people. Please can I get your view/opinion on this.

  5. I love your blog. I follow the scriptures that you post online and by God’s grace, I have been applying them to my home and what a joy and peace I have been experiencing! God bless you for being such a blessing. Ok! I have a request. Please can you recommend some books on parenting. I am a new mom (smiles) and want to be super equipped to be a great mother.
    Many thanks. God bless you!
    P.S. Thank you recommending Oretha Hagins’ “the price is not greater than God’s grace” I needed it.

  6. Heaven on Earth Ma,

    I bless the God in you for the gift he has given you to help others in their journey of life.

    My Fiancee and I really love you and would like to follow your footsteps.

    I am from Ivory Coast and she is from South africa. we are ready to pay to price but we just need some guidances.

  7. Heaven on Earth ma, please i really want you to mentor and coach me am a single mother of one i lost my husband in a car accident in October 2013 exactly 2 years ago. Am 28 years old now have met a guy that love me and i love too but am scared of re- marrying .

  8. Please how can I subscribe to get your articles daily?

  9. How can I subscribe to get your daily guide as engaged single, I need to know my roles in keeping Godly marital relationship?

  10. Wooow, this site is amazing. I want to appreciate God for you …. i am lifted not only on living better as a single by in every area of my life. I more confident now to handle challenges, i can see a clear picture of my marriage now. i have seen my mistakes and by Gods grace i am going to be a better person in every thing i do from now on-words.

    May God grant you more wisdom that you will continue to enrich our lives.

  11. My Case is Different Greetings! I would like to be a member of the translation team of your structure. In fact, I speak French, English and Spanish. It will be a real pleasure for me to do it. Thank you Mummy. And I’m available at any time.

    1. Hello and God bless you.
      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Are you still interested in being part of the translation team? We would love to have you. Can you please translate one of the articles on this site? Indicate which one and send the translated document to We look forward to reading from you.

      Many blessings…

  12. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of a crisis roof family. God fovoured me and allowed me to find this information just in time. I’m now wiser my mind has been renewed , I now have great knowledge concerning marriage to the Glory of God’s name. I continue to read your content with an open mind, and trusting God for a crisis proof family by the Grace of God.

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