Every marriage has a purpose…

Every marriage is unique and has a purpose. In fact, if every life has a purpose, every marriage has a purpose. God is strategic when He brings two people together for the purpose of marriage. Even in that seemingly minor detail, He is deliberate. I say it often that who you join yourself to determines the direction of your life. That’s why it is important to be sensitive to His leading. While His ultimate goal is that every Christian marriage points the world to Him, He uses a unique pathway to achieve this purpose in each marriage.

Don’t try to make your own home exactly like someone else’s, embrace the uniqueness of yours and locate the purpose for your own marriage. Having that sense of purpose changes your perspective. It’s deeper than just living happily ever after and it’s more than just having children. When you and your spouse realize why God brought you together and what He wants to achieve with your own home, it changes how you handle your marriage and each other.

Your marriage is for a greater good. God wants to use it as an instrument to prove a point to the world. He wants to use it to win souls for His kingdom. He wants to use it to give hope to others. It doesn’t mean you are perfect and it doesn’t mean challenges will not come. Every marriage will be tested by challenges, but even at the end of that challenge, there is a purpose; there is something in it, there are lessons in it that others can benefit from. So embrace the uniqueness of yours and allow God’s purpose for it to be your driving force. As always, seek counseling if needed. Cheers..

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