Pay close attention


Please pay close attention to your child(ren). They need you more than you think! Particularly if they are still dependent on you. Too many of us have become so busy in this day and age, we have no clue what our children are facing. We see them as they come and go in our homes, but without deliberately taking the time to sit with them, bonding with them, asking them questions and listening to them speak, we’ll be unable to meet their needs (emotionally, spiritually, etc) and stir them in the right direction. And that will make them vulnerable to ungodly and disastrous consequences.

When the most crucial needs of our children are met, particularly when they are young, they’ll be able to ignore destructive ways of fulfilling those needs as they get older and become independent. I know we’re busy but we have a job to do, a responsibility we cannot ignore. If both parents are so busy, one of you should take a step back and be fully present for your children. That is wisdom. Stop leaving your children 24/7 to be raised by other people. Thank God for helpers but no one can raise your child for you like you would!

You have a vision for your child that no one else can bring to life but you. Discuss this as parents and make the necessary adjustments in your home ensuring you remain a house united. Doing what is best for your children requires agreement and should not divide you. Intentional or deliberate parenting is not by praying and hoping for the best alone, it demands much more from us and we must be willing to lay aside some things (for a season) to get this job done well. The enemy is more than ready to distract our children so we must also be ready, doing whatever it takes to keep their attention, helping them to fulfill their destiny in life.

I have learned that in this parenting journey, it’s us (parents) vs. the things of this world and we must do all we can by the grace of God to win this. Meanwhile, heard about the new activity boards and flashcards to help your children memorize the scriptures in a fun way? If you are interested in ordering them, please follow any one of our social media platforms and send us a message or send an email to