Resolving conflict…

So if you have issues in your relationship/marriage, please strive to work out any division. Issues can’t be resolved if you pretend as if everything is okay. Two people coming together to build a home must see eye to eye on anything that affects that home. This will require both individuals to be open, honest, respectful of each other and ready to compromise when necessary if they want to progress in their relationship/family.
Don’t sweep things under the rug; things will only get worse that way and one day, a mountain of unresolved issues will erupt. There’s a way out and there’s a better way to manage conflict. You’re a team; communicate well and work things out. Don’t allow negative behaviors or responses to become a habit. Be self-aware and change those habits that seem to be the point of the offense in your relationship/family.
Too many individuals have lost out on their home because of an unwillingness to change or manage their attitude/behavior appropriately. Please be wise. If you feel as if you’ve done all you know to do, seek godly counsel and may God will give you the direction you need. Blessed weekend. Cheers…

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