Some necessary principles…

Folks, the principles for success in anything, including marriage, works for anyone who chooses to apply them, not Christians alone. There are are many unbelievers across the world enjoying outstanding success in their marriage and family lives because these principles are no respecter of persons.
Respect. Compromise. Forgiveness. Openness. Effective Communication. Trust. Kindess. Gentleness. These are some principles that make any relationship/marriage work, especially if it’s mutual. Having Christ is to our advantage but the effects of applying these principles are not automatic.
There are many spiritual people who have marital problems. Why? Because the principles have to be activated. My husband😍 often says it’s possible to be a prayer warrior and yet be a marriage failure. Because, while prayer is crucial, that’s not all we need; God requires our action as He releases the grace.
So as you pray, hope, wish, for the home you desire, make sure you’re also working for it. Your marriage and family life are in the making of your hands. If you believe you have done all you know to do without positive results, please seek godly counsel. Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life! Cheers…

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