Understanding establishes…

Understanding in marriage is a continuous journey. Husbands are told to treat their wives with understanding as they live together (1 Peter 3:7). So it’s not a one-time event. I often like to say that it’s important to be a student of your spouse. Understand their peculiarities and way of thinking so you can adjust yourself to them as needed and of course, they’ll need to do the same for you.

For example, if I understand my husband to be a certain way, I should be able to predict his actions or reactions, to a certain extent. Since he knows my background and experiences in life, he should be able to understand my opinions and viewpoints on certain issues. Since I understand his personality and character traits, I know how to approach him concerning certain issues. He also won’t approach me based on how another man approaches his own wife. Neither should he assume that every woman behaves a certain way so I also must behave that way. No! It’s our duty to understand each other as we are, differences and all.

If there are areas your spouse needs to improve on, perhaps there are things that may be causing tension in your marriage, it’s important to bring it to their attention with wisdom. Not by using hurtful words or by offending them; that will not solve anything. You are both different individuals so you have to work together to become of one mind concerning anything that will have an impact on your marriage and family. Understanding can only be achieved with mutual respect.

Remember it is by understanding that a home is established (Prov. 24:3)! If you choose to overlook this critical ingredient, you won’t enjoy your home. I’m not a marriage expert; just here to help with some #light I’ve received from God’s Word! If you’re having a tough time in your home, please seek godly counsel. Wishing you God’s blessing in your marriage and family life! Blessed weekend. Cheers…

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