Your greatest advantage…

The greatest advantage of life is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. If your relationship with Him is solid, it sets the pace for other relationships.
It determines how you view life, how you view yourself and how you interact with people. It’ll determine how you manage your emotions, how you behave and how you respond. Don’t tradeĀ it in for anything or anyone. Your (potential) spouse, your children, your family members are important but your relationship with them cannot thrive if you don’t maintain the most crucial relationship.
Set time aside, daily to commune with Him away from the noise, away from distractions. Study His word, read books, meditate, pray, praise, let everything about Him saturate you. When that happens, it’ll be evident in your output and you will enjoy your life to the fullest. If you’re still unable to control your words and actions, if your emotions still control you, if anger, bitterness, etc are able to occupy your heart, perhaps you need to increase your intake of His Word. Examine yourself and take appropriate steps to change for the better.
No marriage/family can flourish more than the individuals in it and for your home to reflect the glory of God, you will only get there if and when your own personal life is reflecting the glory of God. As always, seek for help if you need it. Recommended book: Face to Face with God by Bill Johnson.


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