Kemi Oyedepo is a Kingdom-Minded writer and teacher who communicates her message about relationships and family life in an exciting and engaging way. She uses her God-given ministry – Crisis-Proof Your Family (CPYF) to pass her points across with a unique, simple and practical style drawn from the scriptures with a mission to help families stand. She often says “the quality of any relationship or family is determined by the quality of the individuals in it.” She, therefore, has a passion to help individuals become and remain an asset and blessing in their homes, as each one takes responsibility from God’s Word to bring out the best in their family life. Ultimately, her vision is to help individuals build and maintain enviable homes that glorify God and draw multitudes to Him through Jesus Christ.

The daughter of a former diplomatic officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, she was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and lived in various nations around the world, before settling down in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA with her family, where she met her husband. She graduated from Victory Christian High School and attended the University of Oklahoma where she earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration (D.B.A) degree concentrating on Human Resources Management. 

She is the creator of BibleMatch Media – focused on producing a range of creative resource materials for the learning, entertainment and spiritual growth of children. She is also the team lead of Value Adding Woman, a community for women with the mission to help women become and remain assets wherever they are found (from the home to the marketplace). Apart from engaging in various spiritual exercises and value adding kingdom activities, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, travelling, exercising, exploring her talents, and spending quality time with her family. Kemi is married to David Oyedepo Jnr, whose calling she wholeheartedly supports. He currently serves as the Resident Pastor the Living Faith Church headquartered in Canaanland, Ota Nigeria, where she also serves in an official capacity. They are blessed with children.

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