Kemi Oyedepo is a teacher, writer, relationship coach and change catalyst with a passion to drive transformation and inspire others to do the same – from their homes to the marketplace. She believes that positive change doesn’t happen spontaneously or miraculously; it requires deliberate action, innovation, creativity, commitment and leadership to see relevant transformation.

She often hosts Pre-Marital Courses, Family Enrichment Courses, and Mentorship Courses to teach participants the importance of adding value to themselves and to others, thereby becoming catalysts of change wherever they are.

Dr. Kemi is a woman who has been graced to wear many hats and has excelled in various leadership roles over time in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. She leads a family ministry: Crisis-Proof your Family (CPYF), and a women’s initiative: Value Adding Woman (VAW). She is also the founder of BibleMatch Media (BMM), a faith-based company with the mission to produce materials for the entertainment and edification of children.

She is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of The Great Light Outreach Foundation (TGLOF), a nonprofit organization with a mission to spread the gospel (evangelism) and promote the wellbeing of humanity through various initiatives (philantrophy). She also serves in an official capacity at the Living Faith Church Worldwide International headquarters.

The daughter of a former Diplomatic Officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, she was born in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 19th of July and has had a rich experience of different cultures, living in various nations from North Korea to Argentina, before becoming a permanent resident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA where she completed her High School education.

She earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Tulsa Community College, a Bachelors degree in Organizational Sciences, a Masters degree in Administrative Leadership, both from the University of Oklahoma, and a Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA) with a focus on Human Resource Management from Walden University.

Dr. Kemi is married and her home is blessed with 2 children.

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