A few tips to enjoy your marriage…

Folks, in order to have a fulfilling marital experience, here’s my humble counsel. Among other things, we must:

1. ACCEPT each other’s Past. It has happened and can’t be changed. Just learn from it and desist from bringing it up unnecessarily!

2. SUPPORT each other’s Present. Be there for your spouse as needed. This is the Now & how you handle the present determines what becomes of the future!

3. ENCOURAGE each other’s Future. Build each other’s morales, cheer each other on. Be a helper indeed as you grow and advance in life! See the potentials in your spouse; see what they can become & do your part in helping them get there. Focus on bringing out the best in them. 

4. RESIST strife and disunity. Remember a home that’s divided will eventually disintegrate. Be a promoter of peace always.

5. APPLY (heavenly) wisdom & understanding at all times especially to diffuse tension/conflict.

6. Be prayerful and keep relying on God’s grace to do the above and much more!

If you believe you’ve done all you know to do and you’re not getting the best out of your home, please seek godly counsel.

Wishing you God’s best in your marriage and family life! Cheers…