The Value Adding Woman and her health! #1

Dear VAW, be blessed by this word from our contributor, Ayomitide Isaac-Oyedepo

It is a fact that without bodily strength we can’t do as much as we’d like to do. Even when it comes to praying, studying the Bible and being useful to the world around us, the strength in our bodies is critical.

One of the ways to manage your health well as a woman is by balancing your blood sugar by what you put on your plate. Too many of us are not careful about what we consume. However, what you consume has a lot to do with the quality of life you enjoy. So what’s on your plate? Hopefully, some unsaturated fat is not missing.

Among other things, unsaturated fats improve blood cholesterol levels, ease inflammation, and support reproductive health. From healthy fats, you get essential fatty acids. The two families of healthy fats are Omega 3s which are derived from plants, and Omega 6s which are found in sesame oil, peanut oil, safflower oil, soybean oil etc.

On your plate, you should ensure that the ratio of Omega 6s do not surpass Omega 3s. The results of a research showed that ancient individuals had a proportion of 1:1 of the fatty acids, however the present day individual has a range of 10:1 and even as high as 25:1. This ratio sends our bodies into inflammatory mode, which affects our blood sugar.

To ensure you’re taking in enough unsaturated fats, include healthy fats in every meal. That means your plate at every meal should include 1-3 tablespoons of high quality fats, 1/3 Proteins, 1/3 Carbohydrates, and 1/3 Green Vegetables. When you have a plate that looks like that, the combination helps sugar gets released into the blood stream slowly, which is what the body needs.

Some examples of healthy fats include; Avocado,  eggs, cheese, sardines, salmon, etc. Please try to locate some of these foods and include them on your plate. I am sure that as you do, you’ll experience a surge in your energy level which will keep you effective as a value adding woman, causing you to be all God has designed you to be.

Be blessed!