Your single season…

Single ladies and gentlemen!!!! Please note that each person has to go through their single season. The length of time is different for each person but it’s a must for all of us. Don’t despise this time in your life because it is a critical time of your life. How productive you make this season, determines how productive the next phase that you desire (marriage) will be.
This is a time for faith building, for character building, for good financial management practices, for purpose discovery and pursuit, etc. Don’t be so eager to leave this season behind so quickly. Some people rush into marriage, and look back at their single days, wishing they were still there. Others wait so long to get married (for different reasons) and when they get married, they have the most fulfilling experience. It’s never how long but how well.
There’s nothing wrong with desiring marriage, marriage is good! The point is don’t be in a hurry. Every phase of your life matters. God knows when the right time is for you and He’ll keep that person for you until it is time… His time. Do not compare yourself to another! Each one’s path in life is different. Your most important concern should be – “when that time comes, Lord, may I be ready.” In the meantime, enjoy this season, maximize this season, focus on becoming all He has created you to be, positively impacting your generation.
Strive to be one who can add value to another being, and truly be a helper in all things. And as long as you remain sensitive to God’s leading, you will know when the right person comes along. As always, seek godly counsel if you need it! Cheers…

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  1. thanks ma, i’m privilege to read this. i can be a good helper as a lady, but then, i don’t want to show it to guys approaching me because of past experience. how do i strive to be an helper to the right one when he appears?.

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