Take responsibility… Apologise

Apologies won’t reduce you, folks! Learn to apologize when you offend your spouse (or children). In fact, consciously teach this to your children and lead by example! Take responsibility for your wrongdoing when it occurs. You shouldn’t have to be cajoled, begged or forced to apologize when you have said or done something hurtful.
Such an attitude will only cause division to linger and bring about bitterness, strife, and unforgiveness in your home. Offenses will come in marriage (hopefully they are unintentional) even with the best of intentions and at some point, you will be the one to offend. We all will! When this happens:
•Be ready to say “I’m sorry”
•Be quick to prove you’re sorry,
•Don’t get defensive or make excuses.
•Don’t let your pride get in the way. One of the major reasons why individuals don’t like apologizing is their ego.
•Be genuine/sincere about your apology,
•Don’t be a serial offender. At some point, your apologies will mean NOTHING if you don’t learn to keep yourself in check. Be wise! As always, seek godly counsel if needed. Cheers…