For your faith to work…

The calmness of Jesus during the furious storm on the boat (Matthew 8:23 – 27) has been a great lesson to me personally. His ability to sleep through the chaos, while His disciples were afraid for their lives, should teach us the need to remain at peace in any “rocky” situation we are in. He responded to them with “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!”

Honestly, the understanding I got from that is if they had great faith, they could have calmed the storm without having to disturb Him! What Great Light! They panicked; so it hampered their boldness. It stopped their faith from working even a little bit. What is your response to the storm you may be facing in your home, on the job, in one area of your life or another?

Is it working faith? Or fear, anxiety, restlessness? Your faith has the power to control anything confronting you however if you don’t remain calm, any faith you claim to have, cannot work. So check yourself! One of the proofs that your faith is truly working is when you are calm in any storm that you encounter. It is when you truly have that peace that surpasses all understanding that you can rise up and rebuke the wind and waves, and SUDDENLY experience a great calm, like Jesus did. 

I’m praying to you and I – May our faith be strong enough to rise up to any occasion, thereby granting us our testimony.