Be present for your children…

It’s critical to invest quality time into your children. Quality time is effective/productive time; it always produces good results. Many parents provide for them but their presence is lacking. Many pray fervently for their children and a lot more hope for the best for their children but they are MIA – ‘missing in action’ parents.
We must remember that there is no substitute for our presence in our children’s lives. When we are there, it provides the opportunity to observe them and correct any negative behaviors/character traits. We are able to answer questions/lay misconceptions to rest. It also creates the opportunity to tighten the bond and build deeper trust between you and your child.
Don’t trade this necessary process for anything, and don’t pass this responsibility to someone else. A lot of children become a concern at home and in society simply because their parents were not present. You may have observed certain issues with your child that your simple and deliberate act of being around them and talking to them can easily correct. If you don’t do so already, please make your child a priority. Learn to relax and engage in activities with them so as to create loving memories. When was the last time you just hung out with your child? You may have toddlers, young children, teenagers, etc; learn to adjust yourself to the current season of their life and make yourself available.
Don’t compare your experience to your children’s either. Your parent/guardian may have never taken the time to have a decent conversation with you, there is absolutely need to repeat the cycle. Once you know better, be determined to do better. We can’t be perfect parents but we must still do our best as we’re helped by God. If you don’t have quantity time now, make it quality time; find a way around it! They don’t only need it, they actually want it. It boosts their esteem and gives them a sense of importance in your life. If you have a child that you’re concerned about, seek godly/professional help if needed. Keep praying for them, and expect a turnaround in Jesus’ name, amen! Cheers…

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