Make yourself a willing vessel

?If You can use anything Lord, You can use me. Take my hands Lord and my feet. Touch my heart Lord, speak through me. If You can use anything, Lord You can use me?.

What you have may not be much, it may not mean anything to anyone but all God needs from you is your willingness to be used and He’ll take it from there. He’ll multiply what you think is little and use it for His glory. People may not think you have anything to offer, they may try to subdue your gifting and talents, they may call you irrelevant but God will shock them!

This is not just in your assignment but also in your home. (Trust me to also talk about the family?). As a spouse, a sibling, a parent. Be willing to be used by God to provoke the change you desire. After you pray and fast, be receptive to the voice of the Lord on what action steps you need to take and be willing to go all the way. It may be uncomfortable, you will have to be stretched and you may just even hate the process but once you show Him you’re available, you never know, like Moses, you may be the one He uses to get your family to your promised land.

Point is don’t throw in the towel just yet, things may not be as they ought to be now, but the potentials in your spouse, children, and family can still come alive if you allow God to use you. I don’t know your specific situation o as always, seek godly counsel if you need it. Cheers…