Preparation Time

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation. It is critical, even for marriage. Anything you do without being prepared – spirit, soul, and body can be detrimental to your health and peace of mind. While learning never ends in marriage, it doesn’t cancel out the place of being 100% knowledgeable of what you are about to get into.

It doesn’t cancel out the fact that you should be mature emotionally and otherwise if you want to handle your marriage appropriately. Prepare yourself for what marriage is; it’s not just friendship; its not just the fact that you like someone. It’s the merging of two lives and the building one home together with another person. It’s the willingness to sacrifice some things, and place another person’s needs before your own, etc.

Be sure you’re ready to give it all it takes and be sure your potential spouse is also on the same page with you. Gather all the information you require; it’s all out there. Even if you’re not yet in courtship, begin from where you are now to prepare yourself. It’s never too early and the preparation time is never wasted time. Learn from the mistakes of others and learn from the wise steps of others. When you learn what others did wrong, avoid that pattern. When you learn what others did right, wisely apply their principles to your own unique relationship bearing in mind that no two marriages are the same.

Good husbands and wives are not born, they are made. They are made by their character, they are made by their maturity; they are made by their adherence to God’s laid down requirements to enjoy a fulfilling marriage. They are made by their deliberate preparation. Wishing you God’s best!
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