Be an asset!

Please endeavor to be an asset in your relationship and family. An asset is a useful/valuable thing/person. An asset is an advantage, a blessing. Be one who is constantly adding value to your spouse and children. Don’t take pride in being a source of concern, a troublemaker or a liability. Be diligent, be driven, be organized, be prudent, be a promoter of peace, just add value in every sense of the word as you build your home.

Examine yourself as a husband and/or father, are you adding value to your family? Or are you always the point of the offense? Always looking for faults and magnifying them? As a wife and mother, examine yourself also. Don’t make yourself part of the problem. Where improvements are necessary, make them without excuses. Where challenges arise in your home, bring the solution without being disrespectful or abusive.

It’s interesting that many individuals are considered an asset in their workplaces, churches, etc but at home, it’s the opposite. That should not be so. If you can be a blessing outside your home, you can be the same inside your home. It’s a matter of choice. If your colleagues consider you an advantage to their team, why can’t your spouse say the same about you? Instead of blowing it off; please work on yourself. The value of any home is determined by the value of the people in it. So make a conscious effort to be an advantage in your home, so you don’t miss out on God’s best for your family.

As always, please seek godly counsel if you need it.