Enjoy your home

Marriage is the best platform to build the closest of friendships. Legally, you may be husband and wife but if you’re not friends, I mean if you don’t have a deep bond, if you don’t joke around and loosen up, it’ll be boring! Don’t run your home like it’s all business and no fun. Don’t be too rigid or stiff to enjoy this beautiful relationship orchestrated by God to add beauty and color to your life.

There’s absolutely a time to be serious because marriage and building a family from the ground up is not for jokers! I believe every home must be orderly in order to bring out the best in it however, we must make room for joy, for goofiness, for laughter and not take ourselves too seriously. Your personality may not naturally be a certain way but it’s needful to come out of your comfort zone sometimes and see things from the perspective of your spouse, who may be more of an extrovert. And if your spouse may be more of an introvert, don’t force them to be who they’re not; appreciate their personality and be wise with how you approach them when you need them to relax.

My point – Whatever you do, just enjoy your life, you only have one. And in the process, enjoy your home; it’s a blessing from God! A merry heart always does good like medicine. It strengthens the bones and keeps the spirit charged. When the bones are strengthened and the spirit is charged, the marriage and family will have no choice but to flow as it should. Don’t use your personality as an excuse to hinder the fun and excitement that should be buzzing in your home. So…calm down and enjoy. As always, if you need counseling, please seek for it!